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Kaplan Financial Education launches At-Risk Reporting, the industry's first solution to use predictive analytics to identify exam-takers requiring intervention


At-Risk Reporting gives organizations the ability to centralize
training oversight, providing insights at a glance and an early warning
system to improve program results

Kaplan Financial Education launched At-Risk Reporting, a new process
using predictive analytics to measure and identify test takers who are
likely to fail, allowing for early remediation to improve pass rates.
Kaplan, recognized for 47 years as the pioneer in exam prep and leader
in securities licensing, offers classroom, online and blended exam prep
programs to more than 90,000 successful candidates annually.

"The At-Risk Report is the first of its kind and a major step forward in
the evolution of exam preparation performance," said Michael Terzis,
Vice President of Data and Analytics at Kaplan. "This innovative
reporting tool offers organizations a rigorously tested model that
measures a candidate's cumulative risk based on pace of completion and
overall performance within their course. Administrators will spend less
time sifting through learning metrics and more time interacting with
candidates, guiding them to success."

As candidates progress through each key milestone of exam preparation
programs, the At-Risk Report places them in one of three categories:

  1. Red (At-Risk): If a candidate needs administrative intervention to get
    back on track, a plan is developed to do so.
  2. Yellow (Borderline): The candidate may need some remediation to get
    back on track, and corrective steps are recommended.
  3. Green (On-track): The candidate is doing well and does not need

Kaplan reports a 90% or better predictive accuracy for those that are in
the "On-track" category. Kaplan's predictive model is also used to rank
the remaining candidates to allocate clients' training time for those
closest to passing, or those who are at the highest risk of failing and
need immediate remediation.

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Note to editors: screen shots of At Risk available upon request.

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