Market Overview

More Than 50 Pay TV Operators Rolling Out App-Based Television Through MOBITV Connect™ Platform's Managed and In-Network Service Options, Pushing Future-Proof Cable


ATMC, Fidelity Communications, Greenlight Community Broadband, and
Others Future-Proofing TV Services, Impacting Approximately One Million
Subscribers in U.S.

a global leader in application-based Pay TV video delivery solutions,
today announces more than 50 customers, including All West
Communications, Arvig, ATMC (Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation),
Dalton Utilities/OptiLink™, Elevate Fiber, Fidelity Communications,
Greenlight Community Broadband, MetroNet, Nex-Tech, Nortex
Communications, RiverStreet Networks, and USA Communications, leveraging
the Company's MOBITV Connect™ platform. These customers represent a
total subscriber base of approximately one million across the U.S.

Many Pay TV operators would love to compete with a modern app-based
approach to their video services but face large investments to upgrade
their existing headend infrastructure. Through the MOBITV Connect
Platform, operators can transition their network's video delivery system
to an extendable IP-based approach that includes on-demand, live TV,
catch-up TV, network DVR, and recommendations. The agile and
customizable platform is now the catalyst for these Pay TV providers to
be live and in-market in their respective regions. Their subscribers
will enjoy TV on the devices they love, while operators no longer have
to absorb the high cost of constantly replacing legacy set-top boxes for
the home.

"It is becoming apparent that app-based TV is the future for delivering
Pay services. In a world where video is growing increasingly competitive
from OTT offerings, operators must reduce the expense and overhead
associated with Pay TV," said Charlie Nooney, CEO and Chairman of
MOBITV. "Given that we are a software-based solution that provides both
in-network and managed service options, we provide a level playing field
for operators in terms of cost and, equally important, we allow them to
take a leadership role in the user experience."

The MOBITV Connect managed solution will offer Pay TV subscribers the
benefit of a modern user experience enabled across popular streaming
devices, while supporting the operator's unique content lineup, content
policies, branding requirements, billing, authentication, and more. With
secured streaming delivery rights from major media brands, MOBITV is now
authorized to ingest content once and deliver it in an app-based
framework to multiple operators. The platform is turn key and can be
deployed within 90 days.

"Sustaining our legacy cable TV architecture has become cost prohibitive
while the experience it provides our customers struggles to satisfy
expectations," said Jody Heustess, Vice President, Marketing & Customer
Care at ATMC. "MOBITV, we feel, gives us a platform by which we can meet
our customers' demands without the need for constant high cost capital

MOBITV hopes to continue to deploy in-network and managed solutions of
the MOBITV Connect platform to more cable operators, and others, by the
end of the year.


MOBITV is future-proofing Pay TV services around the world. A leading
expert in video delivery solutions, MOBITV is committed to making the
live and on-demand entertainment experience better across all devices
and platforms. MOBITV's content delivery platform unlocks content from
the traditional Set-Top Box (STB) experience for Pay TV providers,
giving them customizable, hosted, end-to-end streaming video solutions
that are completely turn-key and offer a high-quality video across
multiple devices, cost-efficiently. With 18 years of industry
experience, MOBITV's hardened technology enables operations with 99.999%
uptime, while ensuring video quality is optimized across all screens,
with leading-edge end-user experience in mind. For more information
please visit

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