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Major Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies Across the Globe | Infiniti Research


Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions
provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the major
challenges faced by logistics companies across the globe.

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Top 4 Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Top 4 Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies. (Graphic: Business Wire)

At present, logistics plays a critical role in easing trade facilitation
and eventually the business operations of other companies. There are
many factors like the increasing demands of the client, the fluctuating
needs of consumers, and complex business models, which pose challenges
for logistics companies. This gives rise to a very significant question,
which is how can a predictably standard service be modified according to
preferences? This is perhaps the most critical challenge that the
logistics industry has been facing for years. In the effort to enhance
the output, Infiniti has listed the major challenges faced by the

"Factors like the growing demands of the client, changing needs of
consumers, and complicated business models pose challenges for logistics
says an industry expert from Infiniti.

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Major challenges faced by logistics companies:

  • Slashing down of transportation costs: A rise in the prices of
    fuel leads to an increase in wages, which, subsequently raises the
    transportation costs every day. So, logistics companies will have to
    come up with a strategic and planned approach to get away with or at
    least bring down the costs of transportation. For the application of
    such strategies, logistics firms need information that is dependable
    based on present and future orders. Visibility software is a very good
    choice to streamline such challenges. A third-party transportation
    agency, which is lucrative can be a very helpful option for small
    businesses who are looking to cut transportation costs. This can help
    minor logistics companies to get away with the expenditure on
    maintaining vehicles for deliveries. A small amount paid to the third
    party can take care of the rest. To know more about our solutions,
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  • Improving customer service: For customers, punctuality and
    transparency in the delivery are the most significant things to
    consider. By using technology and following systems, customers can
    trace their parcel status and upload the same on social media
    platforms. Customers' expectations have manifolded today and that is
    why they don't mind paying extra for single day delivery.
    Consequently, to achieve such expectations, logistics firms will have
    to come up with something exclusive and easy to provide the best
    customer service and retain their loyal customers. To know more
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  • Managing manpower: Management is full of responsibilities and
    it becomes more interesting when it comes to manpower management. The
    humanitarian approach is one of the most vital requirements that
    should be implemented for managing manpower. When it comes to
    logistics firms, manpower management becomes even more stimulating as
    the staff and drivers usually stay in different locations and an
    appropriate coordination between the two is needed for the swift and
    easy supply of orders. Here comes the role of decentralization of
    power into play. Logistics companies can employ logistics managers in
    major locations and provide the solutions competently by time and team
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Listed below are the major logistics company challenges facing the

View the complete list of the major logistics company challenges
facing the industry:

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