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HiFiBiO Therapeutics Signs Multi-Target Antibody Discovery Agreement with Takeda


Global pharmaceutical leader selects innovative single-B-cell
technology to generate breakthrough therapies

HiFiBiO Therapeutics, a world leader in the discovery of therapeutic
antibodies through single-B-cell screening and analysis, today announced
a multi-target agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
(Takeda) to enable the discovery of breakthrough antibody therapies to
potentially treat various gastrointestinal diseases, cancers and other
disorders. HiFiBiO Therapeutics will receive upfront, R&D, milestone,
and royalty payments based on antibodies delivered to Takeda for
development and commercialization. Specific financial terms of the
transaction were not disclosed.

According to the agreement, scientists from both companies will work
together to discover antibodies against Takeda's targets using HiFiBiO
Therapeutics' single-cell screening capabilities. Takeda will be
responsible for the preclinical and clinical development of the
discovered antibodies.

"Takeda is a world leader in oncology, gastroenterology and neuroscience
therapeutics," said Liang Schweizer, PhD, President and CEO, HiFiBiO
Therapeutics. "This multi-target partnership further validates our
ongoing commitment to these types of open-innovation collaborations to
better address unmet medical needs around the world."

With its focus on developing antibodies for immune modulation, HiFiBiO
Therapeutics is actively progressing its own internal projects, while
also establishing multiple open-innovation partnerships with leading
pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic
institutions. These innovative partnerships utilize the proprietary
CelliGOTM platform and continue to generate a robust pipeline
of novel antibody drugs for several complex diseases.

About HiFiBiO Therapeutics

HiFiBiO Therapeutics is an emerging multinational biotherapeutics
company mobilizing the human immune system to combat disease. The
company integrates deep-rooted biological expertise with its
comprehensive single-cell profiling technologies to discover and
accelerate a pipeline of antibody drugs to treat cancer and autoimmune
disorders. In addition, HiFiBiO Therapeutics aspires to address unmet
medical needs around the world through open-innovation partnerships with
industry and academia. The company features a strong global footprint
with cutting-edge laboratories on three continents in Cambridge, Mass.,
Paris, France, and Shanghai, China. For more information, please visit

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