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STATS Delivers Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-Powered Tool with STATS Edge™


STATS Edge is the Only AI-Assistive Platform that Enhances Match
Preparation by Delivering Better Insights in Less Time

STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, has
announced the delivery of STATS Edge™, a revolutionary AI-assistive tool
delivering intelligent insights to football clubs around the world.

Using the latest in AI and machine learning, STATS Edge can objectively
analyse a team's performance, compare playing styles, conduct
game-changing set play analysis, and more, while linking analysis with
video at the touch of a button to vastly accelerate the match
preparation process. STATS Edge is configured to find key insights for
an upcoming opponent based on recent competition or over the entire
season by using AI-generated metrics proven to be indicative of winning,
making it the most comprehensive tool for game preparation available

"When in-season, coaches and analysts have a limited amount of time to
prepare for their next match, yet they are met with an overwhelming
amount of data and video to digest," said Carl Mergele, Chief Executive
Officer at STATS. "With STATS Edge, teams and analysts can quickly
navigate through complex team performance and playing style analysis to
develop winning strategies that are backed by video evidence. The only
way to create a tool of this magnitude is to have an enormous amount of
accurate data, which we have, and through the implementation of complex
AI and machine learning, and we have the best AI team in the industry."

STATS' award-winning AI team continues to pace the industry with eight
PhDs publishing 16 papers and submitting nine patent applications since
2016. The team has been recognised at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics
Conference as the 2016 best research paper winner and runner-up in 2017
and 2018. The AI team's success is credited to the complex models they
create using STATS data, which has been recognised as the most
comprehensive and most accurate in the industry. A recent
Northwestern University study
found that STATS reported 99.6 percent
of Premier League events, surpassing their top European competitor (85.1
percent) by hundreds of events over the course of 90 minutes.

"Using the massive amounts of historical data STATS has collected, our
team has created AI-driven models for understanding football as a
whole," said Dr. Patrick Lucey, Vice President of AI at STATS. "On
average, it takes backroom analysts 25 hours over the course of three
days using video from five previous matches to find insights on an
opponent and develop winning strategies. With Edge, coaches and analysts
get all of that at the click of a button, giving them more time to focus
on perfecting their approach to the next match. This is truly the future
of football globally."

STATS Edge debuted at the World Cup as a match preparation tool used by
tournament runners-up Croatia. It is available for clubs, leagues and
federations around the world, including English Premier League, Italian
Serie A, Qatar Stars League, Superliga Argentina, English Championship,
Ligue de Football Professional (France), Bundesliga 1 (Germany), La Liga
(Spain), Premier Soccer League (South Africa), Jupiler Pro League
(Belgium), Eerste Divisie (Holland), UAE Premier League (Arabian Gulf
League), English League 1, English League 2, and Scottish Premier
League, with more leagues being introduced. For more information on
STATS Edge, visit:


STATS is the global leader in sports intelligence, operating at the
intersection of sports and technology. The world's most innovative
brands, technology companies, leagues and dozens of world championship
teams trust STATS to find their winning edge. STATS combines the
industry's fastest and most accurate data platform with video analysis,
sports content and research, player tracking, and the latest in
artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide
unparalleled media and team performance solutions. The pioneer of live
sports data, STATS continues to speed innovation in the industry with
STATS Edge™, the first-ever team performance solution powered by AI. For
more information, go to
and follow STATS on Twitter @STATS_Insights.

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