Market Overview

Allied Wallet is Preparing to Go to Market Q1 2019


Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online
payment processing
offering various payment solutions in 196
countries all over the world, is preparing to go to market in the first
quarter of 2019 and exploring IPO and other options.

is a global customized payment solution provider that is
world-renowned as an "all-in-one-shop" that consolidates
state-of-the-art payment solutions, enabling businesses of all sizes to
implement one payment solution for all their payment processing needs.

Allied Wallet is able to process transactions in 164 currencies and
settle funds straight into a merchant's bank account and offers
affordable online payment processing solutions, mobile point-of-sale
solutions, prepaid card solutions, digital wallet solutions, and
chargeback/fraud solutions all under one account.

By simplifying multi-currency, international transactions, Allied Wallet
streamlines payment solutions and statistically prevents risk losses to
under 1% for international merchants.

Allied Wallet has seen exponential growth for over 13 years and has
repeatedly ranked as a top payment processor and the safest payment
processor internationally.

With over 150 million users globally and thousands of merchants, Allied
Wallet is able to simplify business for the customers of many
competitors who have received multi-billion dollar valuations including:
PayPal, Square, Stripe, JD Pay, Ayden, and Alibaba.

The Fintech industry is seeing its highest valuations in history.

About Allied Wallet:

Allied Wallet has revolutionized the e-commerce industry by introducing
new and innovative payment processing solutions for merchants for over
ten years. By developing, innovating, and consolidating state-of-the-art
payment solutions, Allied Wallet has been able to streamline payments
for successful businesses in 196 countries globally. Visit
for more information.

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