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TransMed7, LLC Announces Appointment of Dr. John Simpson as Strategic Advisor to Its Board of Directors


TransMed7, LLC is delighted to announce the appointment of John B.
Simpson, Ph.D., M.D., as Strategic Advisor to the TransMed7 Board of
Directors. "Dr. Simpson's remarkable history of clinical excellence,
innovation, scientific achievement, and entrepreneurial expertise
immediately expands TransMed7's strategic options for rapid development
and deployment of our upcoming transformational cardiovascular
intervention technologies, including our Corsair and Mustang CV/PAD
devices, into the market," said Eugene H. Vetter, TransMed7's Co-Founder
and CEO. "In addition to the obvious business and clinical advantages he
brings to TransMed7, we value even more his deep caring nature as a
human being. His outlook and guidance will push us even harder to make
all of our new technologies available as soon as possible."

Dr. Simpson received his B.S. in Agriculture from Ohio State University
and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Biomedical Science from the University
of Texas at Houston. He received his M.D. from the Duke University
School of Medicine and completed a fellowship in interventional
cardiology at Stanford University. A noted clinician, scientist, and
serial entrepreneur, Dr. Simpson is widely recognized as developing the
over-the-wire balloon angioplasty catheter. This invention was one of
the landmark events leading to the broader application of a percutaneous
approach for interventional cardiology techniques in the area of
coronary and peripheral revascularization. This device was the
foundation of a company called Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc., in
1978 and was the first of a series of inventions by Dr. Simpson that
have helped so many patients afflicted with coronary artery disease.

Dr. Simpson is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at Stanford University.
He served as a Staff Cardiologist at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City,
California since 1981. He has published extensively on a wide variety of
topics pertaining to interventional cardiology and has been an invited
speaker throughout the world. He has been honored with the Andreas
Greuntzig Award from the European Cardiology Society, the Duke
University Alumni Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the
Trans-Catheter Therapeutics Conference, and the Distinguished Alumnus
for the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at

Over the course of his renowned career, Dr. Simpson has founded and
successfully handed off several companies including Advanced
Cardiovascular Systems and Devices for Vascular Intervention, both
acquired by Eli Lilly; Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, acquired by
Boston Scientific; Perclose, sold to Abbott; Lumend, acquired by Cordis;
and Fox Hollow, acquired by ev3 and which is now part of Medtronic. Most
recently, he founded Avinger, Inc. in 2007 and served as its Chief
Executive Officer through 2014 and as Executive Chairman from December,
2014 through 2017.

According to Dr. James W. Vetter, TransMed7 Co-Founder and Chairman,
"Dr. Simpson is universally recognized as a true pioneer and visionary
in the field of interventional cardiology including percutaneous
coronary and peripheral vascular treatments. His innovations continue to
be responsible for saving the lives of literally millions of patients
around the world each year. While he is clearly one of the most
successful serial entrepreneurs in the medical device industry, his
primary motivation continues first and foremost to be, to make a
positive difference in patient's lives. All of this is consistent with
TransMed7's prime objective of improving each patient's treatment, care,
and quality of life through practical translation of new capabilities
and concepts into our pipeline of transformational devices."

About TransMed7, LLC

TransMed7, LLC is a medical and technology-based organization focused on
the highly efficient development of innovative, minimally-invasive
medical devices aimed at providing new solutions for doctors and their
patients. With particular expertise in oncologic, regenerative, and
cardiovascular disease, TransMed7 and its team of clinicians,
scientists, and engineers have developed a portfolio of next-generation
platform devices that are expected to be market leaders in their
targeted fields of medicine. TransMed7 accomplishes this through
application of a wholly new approach in its business plan and structure,
enabling these new transformational technologies from rapid development
through commercial manufacturing or where appropriate, handoff to our
Strategic Partners. For more information about TransMed7, please visit
our website at

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