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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and MyHealthMath Announce Partnership to Help Members Choose Best Health Plan Product for Needs


Program is Latest Addition to Harvard Pilgrim's Member Solutions,
Providing Up-Front Cost Awareness Benefits and Potential for Savings

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and MyHealthMath are announcing an
innovative new partnership that will help members choose the best health
insurance plan for their needs.

MyHealthMath is the latest addition to Harvard Pilgrim's suite of member
solutions, which is designed to provide up-front cost awareness and
empowerment for members before, during, and after they select a health
plan. Other components of the suite include the "estimate my cost" and
"reduce my cost."

MyHealthMath became available to Harvard Pilgrim employees in 2017, and
following very positive response, the company has expanded the offering
to members as part of this newly launched contractual arrangement.

"Harvard Pilgrim's number one priority is our members and their ability
to access the right medical care at the right time. We have heard from
our members that navigating the insurance selection process can be
challenging, and this is an innovative way to make this important
process easier," said Michael Carson, President of Harvard Pilgrim
Health Care. "MyHealthMath does a terrific job of using reliable data
and statistics to close that gap for consumers and make the process as
smooth as possible. Our own team members at Harvard Pilgrim found
MyHealthMath to be incredibly helpful, and I am very confident that our
members who are introduced to it will have a similar experience."

MyHealthMath was created to solve consumer confusion around health
insurance choice through innovative decision-support technology, which
Harvard Pilgrim says will translate to improved benefits and savings for
members. Here's how it works: MyHealthMath calls and conducts a
one-on-one interview at a time that members choose. The system then
performs tens of thousands of calculations to replicate the claims
process and determine which plan is optimal for individual members'
health care needs. A visually engaging report is emailed to each member
so that they can clearly see and understand which plan offers them the
greatest value as well as the worst-case scenario.

"Our partnership with Harvard Pilgrim will shift the way that consumers
view and make decisions about their healthcare, reducing unnecessary
spending," said Bob Watterson, founder and CEO of MyHealthMath.
"Allowing consumers to clearly understand their insurance needs
demonstrates Harvard Pilgrim's commitment to its members by ensuring
they choose the optimal plan for their particular needs and preferences.
We commend them for their commitment to using unique and innovative
methods to move the healthcare industry forward."

About Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Founded by doctors nearly
50 years ago, Harvard Pilgrim is a growing family of health services
companies. Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of our members, the
diverse communities in which they live, and the health care system.

Our core not-for-profit health insurance business provides health
benefit plans, programs and services to 3.2 million customers in New
England. In everything we do, we create value by embracing differences –
in those we employ, the insurance solutions we design and build, and our
choice of business partners.

Our commitment to the communities we serve is also driven by the passion
of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation. Through its work, low-
and moderate-income families are gaining greater access to fresh,
affordable food — a cornerstone to better health and well-being.

About MyHealthMath
MyHealthMath is on a mission to help
consumers make better health insurance decisions for themselves and
their families. Founded on the premise that "the numbers matter," we
engage one-on-one with our clients' employees to guide them through our
high-touch decision support process, then deploy our proprietary
algorithms to run tens of thousands of calculations for each individual
– revealing the financially optimal plan for their unique needs and
circumstances. By helping employees better understand the total cost of
their health plan choices and anticipated medical care, we empower them
with the information they need to make decisions in their own best
interest. But we don't stop there: Building on the aggregated data from
our interactions with employees, we are able to provide brokers and
consultants with unprecedented insight into how to predict and control
benefit costs while ensuring employees get the health care they need.

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