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Bringing Autonomous Boats to Life: Velodyne Supports the Next Generation of AV Developers With RoboNation Sponsorship


Velodyne LiDAR has partnered with RoboNation, donating skills, guidance,
and sensors to this visionary non-profit organization and the engineers
of tomorrow

At RoboNation's 11th International RoboBoat Competition in
June 2018 in South Daytona, Fla., the AUVSI-backed organization
announced its new sponsor partnership with Velodyne LiDAR. As part of
this sponsorship, Velodyne will offer support, mentorship, and a
donation of Velodyne LiDAR VLP-16 sensors for use in future research,
and competition. RoboNation is a traditional non-profit organization
that seeks to inspire students to use Science, Technology, Engineering
and Math (STEM) to learn about the wider world.

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Velodyne's VLP-16 sits proudly as part of the array on this competitor's AV boat. (Photo: Business W ...

Velodyne's VLP-16 sits proudly as part of the array on this competitor's AV boat. (Photo: Business Wire)

"Velodyne is thrilled to support the work being done by RoboNation and
the teams competing in these events," said Velodyne LiDAR's President
and CCO, Mike Jellen. "The remarkable achievements of these budding
engineers demonstrate that with a combination of cooperation, ingenuity,
and industry-leading technology, anything is possible."

RoboNation invited 14 teams from all over the world to participate in
the RoboBoat Competition. These teams built their vehicles from the
ground up, with manufacturing and design considerations included in the
creation of a completely autonomous boat. After integrating all the
sensors and systems, the RoboBoat competition offered students a chance
to have their vehicle navigate and race through an aquatic obstacle
course. Among the sensors that allow for this autonomous operation is
the state-of-the-art LiDAR technology from Velodyne.

"The RoboBoat competition gives students the hands-on opportunity to
apply their classroom learnings in a real-world application," said
RoboNation's Robotic Programs Director Hitesh Patel. "In this particular
instance, the competition is a systems engineering challenge, with a
focus on hull form and propulsion efficiency. To empower the next
generation of pioneers and innovators, competition tasks mimic ongoing
research efforts including coastal mapping, port security and other
similar oceanographic operations. By challenging young engineers to
solve such complex problems, RoboBoat holds the potential to shape the
future of maritime industry."

RoboNation manages collegiate programs, including aerial, ground and
water-based competitions. With a philosophy of Build a Bot, Change
the World
, RoboNation brings students together in friendly
competition with their own custom-made autonomous vehicles. In December
2018 RoboNation's RobotX Maritime Challenge in Hawaii will test larger
teams in even larger boats in open water.

About RoboNation

RoboNation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a
pathway of hands-on educational experiences that empower students to
find innovative solutions to global challenges. We envision a world
where technology unites people to learn, share and create. RoboNation
reaches all levels of robotics by offering a wide range of educational
and interactive opportunities. From hands-on educational programs to
multi-disciplinary robotics competitions, students create and experiment
while learning; they wonder what is possible, and test the limits of the

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About Velodyne LiDAR

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Velodyne is a
technology company known worldwide for its real-time 3D LiDAR computing
and software platforms. Velodyne LiDAR Inc. emerged in 2005 as the
unmatched market leader of real-time 3D vision systems used in a variety
of commercial applications including autonomous vehicles, vehicle safety
systems, mobile mapping, aerial mapping, and security. Its products
range from the high-performance, surround view Ultra-Puck™ VLP-32,
classic HDL-32/64, cost-effective VLP-16, the newly released VLS-128, to
the upcoming, hidden Velarray™. Velodyne's rich suite of perception
software and algorithms are the key enablers of its perception systems.
Velodyne supports customers from offices in San Jose, Detroit,
Frankfurt, and Beijing.

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