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2018 Innovations in 3D Laser Cutting and Additive Manufacturing Technologies -


The "Innovations
in 3D Laser Cutting and Additive Manufacturing Technologies"

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This Advanced Manufacturing Technology TOE profiles developments in 3D
laser cutting and additive manufacturing technologies.

Innovations include:

  • 3D printing of advanced materials that switch states in response to
  • A 3D printed smart gel capable of movement under water
  • Robotic arms that help automate cooking
  • A 3D laser cutter to print prototypes as well as medium batch size
  • Automated laser cutting of parts in less than one minute
  • A non-contact laser cutting technology for brittle materials
  • A high-quality graphite mold manufacturing technique
  • A large format additive manufacturing technology
  • A hybrid 3D printer for space applications and multi-material powder
    deposition technology

The Advanced Manufacturing TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers
global innovations and developments related to manufacturing and
industrial automation on a weekly basis.

Innovations are focused toward improving product traceability, energy
efficiency and reducing environmental footprints, integrating product
design and manufacturing aspects for reducing time-to-market.

Research focus areas include:

  • Rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing)
  • Lightweighting (multimaterial joining, plastics and metals
    manufacturing, carbon fiber-based composite manufacturing)
  • Smart robotics (agile robots, consumer robots, swarm robotics, cobots)
  • Monitoring and control (wireless control networks, human machine
  • Simulation and modeling (design and simulation software)

Key Topics Covered

  1. 3D Printing of Advanced Materials that Switch States in Response to
  2. 3D Printed Smart Gel Capable of Movement under Water
  3. Robotic Arms Help Automate Cooking
  4. 3D Laser Cutter to Print Prototypes as well as Medium Batch Size Parts
  5. Automated Laser Cutting of Parts in Less Than One Minute
  6. Non-contact Laser Cutting Technology for Brittle Materials
  7. High-quality Graphite Mold Manufacturing Technique
  8. Large Format Additive Manufacturing Technology
  9. Hybrid 3D Printer for Space Applications
  10. Multi-material Powder Deposition Technology
  11. Industry Contacts

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