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Skip Wins Portland Scooter Pilot Permit in the First Contested Permit Process in the U.S.


The Portland Bureau of Transportation Awards Permit for Four-Month
e-Scooter Pilot

Next week, Skip will arrive to provide Portlanders with a new option for
sustainable and responsible last-mile transportation, one of two
companies awarded a scooter share pilot permit by the Portland Bureau of
Transportation (PBOT).
The first contested permit application process to conclude with awards,
Portland's rigorous and thoughtful examination of its future transit
recognized Skip's mission to work as an ally to cities and communities.
Skip will operate hundreds of scooters for the four-month summer pilot,
available for rides starting next week.

"We've been working with PBOT for months and are impressed with their
process for selecting partners," said Sanjay Dastoor, CEO and co-founder
of Skip. "True community understanding and engagement are key for
creating a long-term solution like the one we're working to build, and
we're excited to get rolling in Portland, one of the most thoughtful
transportation cities in the country."

The award of the permit underscores what makes Skip's approach unique:

  • Working with cities: Skip worked with Washington's DDOT to
    create the first pilot program for electric scooter sharing in the
    United States. Thanks to an approach of working with cities
    collaboratively to make its service successful for the entire
    community, Skip is the only operator never to have been issued a
  • Investing in local communities: Skip engages with community
    organizations to support initiatives like better bike lane
    infrastructure that serve Skip riders and non-riders alike. Scooter
    sharing's popularity is an opportunity to serve and transform cities
    in a safe and sustainable way.
  • Responsible ridership: By training via group ride and pop-up
    events, online tutorials, and in-app reminders, Skip believes a
    better-informed rider community keeps the riding lanes and parking
    areas safer for both Skip riders and their neighbors.
  • Better technology: With a team that has proven experience in
    light electric vehicle engineering, Skip invests in the technology
    inside their scooters, including over-the-air software updates,
    tip-over detection, and industry-leading GPS location tracking so
    scooters are where you expect them to be. A better scooter also
    provides more stability in the bike lane and improved lights for safer
    riding at night.

Skip already operates its service in Washington, D.C., as well as in San
Jose, Oakland, and Berkeley, CA.

About Skip

Skip operates fleets of shared stand-up electric scooters for last-mile
transportation. Focusing foremost on safety and responsibility, Skip
educates and trains riders to be responsible and to respect businesses,
community groups, pedestrians and policymakers. Advanced vehicle
technology provides industry-leading real-time technical data on their
use and condition, and are an important tool in helping cities solve
transportation, environmental and city planning issues. The team has
been working on last-mile transportation for nearly a decade, and
developed the world's first portable electric vehicle. Skip's backers
include Accel, Menlo Ventures, Initialized Capital, A Capital, and Y

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