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New Video Blog Tackles Issues Unique to Injury Professionals


"The Experts Blog" Brings Together Industry Leaders in the Fields of
Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Insurance, Law, Chiropractic and Case

Sana Khan, M.D., Ph.D., has been named the host of the new video blog "The
." The blog brings leading industry experts together every
month to discuss the most pressing issues facing professionals who are
involved in the diagnosis, treatment, insurance billing and litigation
of workers' compensation and personal injury cases.

Dr. Khan is a renowned radiologist, researcher and entrepreneur who has
built diagnostic radiology centers across the nation. He is uniquely
positioned to be the host of "The Experts Blog" given his extensive
experience with diagnosing musculoskeletal injuries and consulting on
Med-legal, personal injury and workers' compensation cases for over two

"There isn't a forum in the field of injury that provides timely,
up-to-date information that professionals can use to provide better care
to their patients or better represent their clients," Dr. Khan said.
"With this monthly video blog, we're hoping to change that."

Dr. Khan interviews industry experts every month to discuss a variety of
topics including: how to improve communication between physicians,
attorneys and the insurance company in a personal injury case, why you
need to manage motorcycle accidents differently than car accidents, why
two radiologists can give you different opinions on the same set of
diagnostic images, how MRI scans can give you a false-negative image,
everything you need to know about back injuries and specialized MRI
techniques to help definitively diagnose traumatic brain injuries.

In the first episode of the blog, Dr. Khan interviews insurance expert
James Mathis to discuss why there is a disconnect between insurers,
physicians and patients and how to fix it.

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"The Experts Blog" reaches lawyers, physicians, radiologists,
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