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ECOLUX is Exhibiting at RSA Conference 2018 - Enhance the Security of Your Product Efficiently


ECOLUX is exhibiting at RSA Conference 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan with a
booth number 1409-C! As the era of IoT approaches, the trend of IoT
devices being hacked keeps on emerging out of nowhere. Thus, the
security of IoT devices had became an essential aspect that all of us in
the smart-devices supply chain must keep an eye on. Out of all the
difficulties, the most challenging one would no doubt be keeping the
budget in control while enhancing the security feature of the product.
ECOLUX can solve this issue in one go.

As a leading IoT products vendor, you must invest tons of resources into
developing your custom firmware, hoping that your product can be
accepted by the market. Unfortunately, there are tons of knock-off
vendors out there trying to harvest the outcome for nothing. If your
products are being knocked-off, you'll definitely suffer from severe
economic loss; and if your products are being reverse-engineered, the
chance of it being intruded will be increased.

With PiCloud's free firmware protection tool, PiLock, you're able to
protect your firmware just within an hour, saving it from the fate of
being cloned and reverse engineered.

"Just concentrate on developing amazing product. Let PiCloud handle all
the security hassle for you," says Dr. Steve Lai, the inventor of

PiCloud exclusive promotion at RSA Conference:

1. Enjoy a 10% discount (for up to USD 30,000) on your first
order.(ECOLUX reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation
of the terms.)

2. Free limited commemorative swag for visitors to our booth.

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