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The "Freedom
to Operate Searching"
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Understanding the background, defining terms and objectives;
fundamentals of FTO search scope, methods for searching for claimed
features, using basic legal status tools to assist valuation, and
understanding and reporting the results from an FTO perspective.


Background and motivations to freedom-to-operate searching; extent,
timing, caveats

  • Understanding the background to a search
  • Terminology variation and search objectives

Fundamentals of FTO search scope

  • In-force patents
  • Other IP rights
  • Pending applications
  • Recently lapsed rights
  • Expired rights
  • Non-patent literature
  • Analysing the search question; multiple aspects or features
  • Understanding the results from an FTO perspective; multiple aspects or

Methods for searching for claimed features; full text and text segments,
extended classifications

  • Using basic legal status tools to assist evaluation; finding amended
  • After the subject search; verifying status of patents

Reporting aspects for an FTO search


Stephen Adams

Stephen Adams is Director of Magister Ltd, a patents documentation
consultancy and training service. He worked in technical information for
over 20 years, latterly for nearly 9 years with Zeneca Agrochemicals
(now Syngenta) as their principal patent searcher. He is
Director-at-Large for PIUG Inc.

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