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Modernizing Medicine Debuts Electronic Prior Authorization, Real-time Prescription Benefit and Inventory Management in Dermatology EMR


Leading dermatology EHR company showcases new functionality at Summer
AAD 2018

Specialty-specific health information technology leader, Modernizing
Medicine, Inc.
, will showcase new features for EMA™, the dermatology
electronic health record (EHR) system, including electronic prior
authorization (ePA), Real-time Prescription Benefit and Inventory
Management, at the American
Academy of Dermatology
(AAD) 2018 Summer Meeting from July 27-28, in
Chicago, Ill.

As part of Modernizing Medicine's development process, the company
regularly solicits and incorporates customer feedback to address their
pain points and reduce physician burnout. The new solutions are designed
to increase practice efficiencies and enhance inventory tracking
capabilities, while improving patient medication price transparency and

The increase of prior authorizations is well
. The new Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization
feature in the dermatology EMR, EMA, aims to reduce prescription
processing times, eliminate payer-specific portals, prevent drug claim
rejections at the pharmacy, lower healthcare costs and reduce the burden
on healthcare providers. Additionally, with the Real-time Prescription
Benefit from Surescripts, clear and concise patient-specific benefit
information is pulled directly from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and
delivered to EMA. Upfront cost transparency reduces surprises at the
pharmacy, which benefits both patients and clinicians.

"Surescripts is working with Modernizing Medicine as part of our Network
Alliance to deliver accurate, patient-specific prescription price and
prior authorization intelligence to prescribers at the point-of-care,"
said Tom Skelton, Chief Executive Officer of Surescripts. "Combined,
these tools are transforming the prescription decision-making process to
ultimately reduce the administrative burden on providers, help lower
patients' out-of-pocket costs, enhance medication adherence and
strengthen relationships between patients and the physicians and
pharmacists who care for them."

Another key area Modernizing Medicine's customers have identified as a
pain point is inventory management. Accurately tracking inventory can
improve efficiencies and help the practice earn additional revenue. The
company's Inventory Management system integrates with the dermatology
EMR, EMA, is designed to enable tracking of practice inventory and helps
to better manage product Point of Sale (POS).

"As the complexity of running a successful dermatology practice
continues to increase, Modernizing Medicine works with our clients to
identify how we can make their lives easier. We then develop new
features and intelligent technology to help providers improve quality of
care and create competitive differentiators to attract and retain
patients," states Dr. Michael Sherling, chief medical and strategy
officer, Modernizing Medicine. "We feel the addition of ePA, Real-time
Prescription Benefit and Inventory Management can help reduce physician
burnout and patient medication compliance."

In addition to the #1
Black Book
rated dermatology EHR, EMA, the modmed®
Dermatology suite

  • Practice Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Analytics
  • Pathology
  • modmed® Telehealth

Visit the Modernizing Medicine team at booth #1606 during Summer AAD in
Chicago. If you're not attending but would like to learn more about the
EMA dermatology EMR, dermatology Practice Management, Revenue Cycle
Management, Analytics and more, please visit

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