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German Industrial Wood Coatings Market to 2022 -


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This report focuses specifically on the furniture, parquet, joinery and
outdoor structures segments providing market volumes, detailed prices,
segmentations and market shares.

This in-depth report focuses on the top country markets worldwide for
industrial wood coatings and include detailed key data points including
market shares, product segments and prices/values.

The report provides, by country, consumption estimates in both volume
and value for industrial wood coatings, with 2017 as the base year and
forecasts to 2022.

Industrial Wood Coatings

  • Market volumes in metric tonnes (2011-2022)
  • Prices and market values in EUR, USD and local currency (2016 and 2017)
  • Market shares by company in volume (2016 and 2017)
  • Chemistry breakdown: Pure acrylic, alkyds, nitrocellulose, polyesters,
    polyurethane, others (2011-2022)
  • Technology breakdown: Water-based, solvent-based, radiation-cured
  • End-use: Furniture, joinery, parquet, outdoor structures (2011-2022)
  • Functional layer breakdown: Pre-treatment, primer, intermediate,
    finishing (2011-2022)
  • Value breakdown by: Chemistry, technology, end-use and functional
    layer (2016 and 2017)

Key Topics Covered

Germany Coatings Background
1.1 DE - Background - Overview
Key Figures
1.3 Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts
Imp/Exp: SB Polyesters
1.4.3/4 Imp/Exp: SB Acrylics & Vinyls
Imp/Exp: SB Polymers
1.4.7/8 Imp/Exp: WB Acrylics & Vinyls
Imp/Exp: WB Polymers
1.4.10/11 Imp/Exp: Other Paints & Varnishes

Foreword Industrial Wood Coatings
1.1 Foreword - Industrial Wood

DE Industrial Wood Coatings Overview
1.1 DE - Industrial Wood
Coatings Overview
1.2 Dwelling Stock
1.3 New Dwelling

DE Industrial Wood Coatings
1.1 DE - Market Overview
Historical and Forecasts: Industrial Wood
1.3.1 Prices and Market
1.3.2 Prices and Values by Application System
Prices and Values by Resin Type
1.3.4 Prices and Values by Type of
1.3.5 Prices and Values by Sector
1.4.1 Application
System: Historical and Forecasts
1.4.2 Resin Type: Historical and
1.4.3 Layer Type: Historical and Forecasts
Sector: Historical and Forecasts
1.5 Market Shares: Industrial Wood

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