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New IRI Report Details Value of Integrating Multi-Touch Attribution Models for CPG Brands


Combining Cross-Channel Solution with Multi-Touch Attribution Offers
Deep Online and Offline Insight at an Unprecedented Low Cost

Today's marketers face the significant challenge of measuring the impact
of online impressions, offline activity and purchases. CPG brands are
often at a distinct disadvantage, given that an estimated 95 percent of
purchases are made offline and lower-priced CPG products make it harder
to justify the investment required for accurate measurement. However,
through the convergence of advanced data, advertising technology and
media, CPG marketers are able to tap into a hybrid of multi-touch
attribution (MTA) and cross-channel measurement to gain actionable
campaign insights, even for lower price point, high-frequency consumer
purchases. Marketers who take advantage of these unique in-flight
optimization opportunities may be able to improve their return on
advertising spend by 80 percent, according to a new IRI report, "Pinpointing
Campaign Attribution Through Multiple Touchpoints: A View into MTA for
CPG Brands."

More than ever, marketers value consumer data models that can give them
keen insight into the consumer journey — online and offline — and are
seeking a complete view of the consumer journey that may crisscross
between offline and online touchpoints. The MTA model takes a bottom-up,
granular, user-centric approach and combines the touchpoints
longitudinally, giving marketers more real-time and long-term
optimization potential. Unfortunately, given the unique dynamics of CPG,
there is no single industry solution that can merge online and offline
touchpoints into one cohesive, rapid and actionable MTA model. In its
report, IRI outlines a unique and approachable solve by offering an
attribution model that resembles MTA with features of marketing mix
combined with a more granular cross-channel lift solution.

"Despite becoming an increased focus of marketers, no single industry
solution has been able to accurately attribute advertising and marketing
spend for CPG brands," said Jennifer Pelino, senior vice president of
commercial leads and strategy, IRI Media Center of Excellence. "IRI's
unique approach helps marketers effectively navigate the spider web of
touchpoints at a granular level — in and out of offline and online
activity — to give credit where credit is due. By leveraging this
improved understanding, marketers are able to make in-flight
optimization decisions based on sales impact within weeks of a campaign
launch and dramatically improve their return on advertising spend."

IRI's sophisticated and accurate Cross-Channel Lift leverages existing,
proven IRI products to integrate MTA features and provide metrics and
insights to help inform, both on a holistic and tactical campaign level.
As detailed in the report, IRI is in a unique position to meet the
industry's measurement challenges since its offline sales data is
composed of 350 million loyalty cards, which translates into 107 million
individual households, allowing for attribution of exposures to offline
sales. This linkage allows for measurement at a granular level and is
further fueling development of an MTA solution with cross-channel
features that may be a solve for CPG brands.

"Marketers are coming under increasing pressure to justify marketing
spend, and MTA attribution models have traditionally been expensive,
making their use with many lower-priced CPG products less worthwhile,"
said Vijoy Gopalakrishnan, senior vice president of product development,
IRI Media Center of Excellence. "IRI's hybrid attribution model has made
it possible to provide deep insights at significantly less time and cost
investment, and with more offline sales data than most MTA solutions
have available."

About the Report

"Pinpointing Campaign Attribution Through Multiple Touchpoints: A View
into MTA for CPG Brands" is a free report available from IRI. To
download the report, visit:

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