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Batu Biologics Files Patent on Patient Selection for Right to Try Law


Clinical Stage Immunotherapy Company Creates System of Selecting
Patients for Optimized Outcome under President Donald Trump's Right to
Try Law

Batu Biologics announced today filing of a patent covering methods of
matching cancer patients with experimental drugs under the new Right to
Try Law. The recently passed law allows for companies that have passed
Phase I of clinical trial to start offering terminal patients access to
drugs that are still in development.

"While there has been a great amount of interest generated by the
recently passed `Right to Try' law, major ethical questions remain.
Specifically, how does one identify which patients have the highest
likelihood of success, thereby developing the rationale for the
administration of investigational therapies," said Samuel Wagner,
President and CEO of Batu Biologics. "The current patent we filed allows
for identification of patients based on blood profiling, otherwise known
as `liquid biopsy' in order to screen patients to match them with drugs
that are most likely to induce a therapeutic effect."

The patent filing was based on work performed by Batu scientists, as
well as collaborators at the CHIPSA Hospital, where a study has been
performed in terms of utilizing blood-based measurements to understand
the biology of the tumor and what agents may be selectively active
against it.

"As someone who treats cancer patients, it is very important for me to
be able to identify what drugs have the highest chance of working,
before actually administering them. The current methods of providing
patients drugs, waiting to see if they respond or not, and then trying a
different drug takes away valuable time from the patient, as well as
increases the possibility of drug resistance," said Dr. Santosh Kesari,
Chief Medical Officer of Batu Biologics. "By applying the techniques of
liquid biopsy to patients considering different medications available
under the Right to Try law, we are taking away the randomness currently
associated with such experimental approaches, and offering a logical and
reproducible method of matching patients with drugs."

Prior to the patent filing by Batu, physicians normally use therapies
based on the type of cancer, unfortunately, every patient is different
and every cancer is different. The approaches described in the patent
allow for collection of tumor generated materials from blood, either
cells, DNA, or exosomes. These methods are non-invasive and provide an
accurate description of the tumor, without the need to perform tumor
biopsy. In some situations, tumor biopsies may disrupt the tumor and as
a result enhance metastasis.

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