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Amazing Moms Take the Reins as Franchise Entrepreneurs at Amazing Lash Studio


There is a saying, "when you know, you know." This goes for many areas
of life, but when it comes to buying a business, is this the best
approach? For some amazing women they simply knew that a beauty
treatment would become an amazing business opportunity.

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Amazing Lash Studio franchisee Cassandra Ghaffar (Photo: Business Wire)

Amazing Lash Studio franchisee Cassandra Ghaffar (Photo: Business Wire)

Cassandra Ghaffar was at the top of the corporate ladder. After
finishing her Masters and PhD, opening up a nightclub, traveling
and living lavishly, she knew she had to get a "real" job. So, she
joined a wealth management firm where she skyrocketed to the top on a
shuttle of 18- to 20-hour days, six and a half days a week. And while
she reigned as career queen, Cassandra says, "I sold my soul and endured
the hardships of being at the top, pushing my family aside and my
friends came fifth in line." Then she met her husband, a co-worker, and
shortly after getting married, came baby one and then two—within 12
months— and along with their tears came hers. "I cried wondering how can
I do this on no sleep and give 150% to both work and family? The reality
is my life had evolved and the culture of the business and company did
not evolve with me." Then Cassandra found Amazing Lash Studio. Having
had lash extensions since her 20s, and familiar with their benefits, she
became a customer at Amazing Lash Studio. She loved the concept and,
after presenting 34 other ideas to her husband, she shared the idea of
becoming an Amazing Lash Studio franchisee with him. "As conservative as
he is, he saw the potential in this business venture, looked into my
beautiful lash-extensioned eyes and told me to go for it!" But the fun
had just begun! Along with opening up three studios in the Dallas and
Austin areas in two years, baby number three came along. Cassandra plans
to open up five more studios and says she could not feel more balanced
and happy. "I empower and mentor my team of incredible women, I work on
my terms, and my husband and I connect on new levels—plus, I have made
my parents very proud. This is my best life and I could not be happier!"

Cassandra is not alone in her belief that owning an Amazing Lash Studio
franchise is one amazing business for moms. Angela Toth is a great
example of another and exemplary of the pursuit of working motherhood.
Angela just celebrated the one-year anniversary of her Amazing Lash
Studio in Arizona and proudly tells of her journey to build her own
empire. Having graduated from University of Michigan and going on to
receive her MBA from Wayne State, Angela was working for a financial
firm. It was then that she met her husband John, as he was beginning his
residency in orthopedic surgery. Following their wedding, and prepping
for baby number one, they moved to Virginia, where John would do his
fellowship. "It was the perfect time to be a stay-at-home mom and I
loved every moment," says Angela. They moved back to John's home state
of Arizona to begin his practice and baby number two was on the way.
After settling into being a family of four, Angela went back to work
part-time at a financial firm. "It was the best of both worlds, as I was
able to get out of the house and use my skills, but had plenty of time
with my kids." But that was about to change in 2012. With the addition
of twins, there was no time to work outside the home. "I had four boys
under the age of five and slept no more than two hours a night. I was
definitely not what an employer was looking for," says Angela. In one of
the few moments she had alone, she decided to treat herself to lash
extensions after noticing how great they looked on a friend. She went
in, had a full set of lashes put on and signed up for a membership. In
reviewing her membership pamphlet, she saw FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES
AVAILABLE. "It was my 'aha' moment after looking at a few franchise
concepts but still struggling to find the right fit," says Angela. "In
between diapers, school, runny noses, cooking meals and cleaning, I
immersed myself in researching the company and quickly set up a meeting
with corporate." What made Angela's due diligence unique was that she
wanted to speak to franchisees who were young, moms and those working to
find a balance. "Everyone I spoke to, especially the moms, were
enthusiastic about the brand and how they made it work for their lives.
I was in!" Now, one year under her belt as a top producing studio with
an amazing staff, she feels very thankful. "I have found the balance
that so many moms strive for and cannot think of a better brand to be a
part of."

Little kids are not the only motivation for moms in this brand. When
seeking a career or lifestyle change, other moms found this franchise
concept appealing and the desire to become an entrepreneur was the
motivator. Just ask Tammie Jackson—change has come in big doses for her.
First, stepping out of her comfort zone and relocating from California
across the country to the East Coast—a change that was for her career
but, looking back on it now, it was ultimately driven by a desire to
create a lasting legacy for her family. "Saying yes to a change or
taking a leap of faith to something new helps one realize the importance
in believing in yourself and finding your own strength. That is why I am
so confident in my new venture," says Tammie. Solid in her 20-year
career in the healthcare industry but wanting to embrace her
entrepreneurial spirit, she began looking at different business
opportunities. She had already worn lash extensions for about six months
when she first heard about Amazing Lash Studio, became a member and was
immediately intrigued with the concept. "After several appointments it
occurred to me what a great business model and perfect investment this
is. I knew from being a member, and the repeatedly high level of service
I had received, that this is great business model." With two older
children and a supportive husband, she is excited to open her first
studio in New Jersey next year. "I am out of my comfort zone, but I know
I have the support of so many and the accolades the brand has received
after just four short years of success is inevitable. I haven't even
opened my first studio and my excitement level is over the top!"

"I am so inspired by the amazing, intelligent and entrepreneurial women
in our franchise network," says President and COO Heather Elrod. "They
are a reminder every day that we are not only creating a monumental new
beauty segment together, but we are making dreams come true. These women
have the courage to invest in themselves and take control of their
destinies. They, in turn, find the outcome is that you can indeed have
it all! Our corporate team is so proud to walk this journey alongside

While Amazing Lash Studio offers lash extension services that
immediately transform, it's clear the brand delivers on the promise of
career transformation as well, with guests walking in for lashes and
walking out with a desire to be part of the truly eye-opening business

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