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Security Vulnerability Concerns Skyrocket as Neustar's International Cyber Benchmark Index™ Hits Record High


Ninety percent of surveyed security professionals fear that
Meltdown-Spectre attacks are becoming the norm

Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services,
today released two new cybersecurity reports, reconfirming the need to
take action in the face of increasing cyber threats. Both reports, The
International Cyber Benchmarks Index
and The
Changing Face of Cyber Attacks
, highlight that IT security
professionals are more than twice as worried about data breaches and
cyber-attacks today than they were this time last year.

The International Cyber Benchmarks Index is an initiative of the Neustar
International Security Council (NISC)
, an elite group of select
cyber security leaders across key industries, that assesses the
international cybersecurity landscape from the vantage point of security
professionals across the EMEA and U.S. regions. Other key findings from
the most recent survey include:

  • Greatest Threats: System compromises and ransomware are the
    greatest threats to organizations – with 20 percent listing both as
    their primary concern – closely followed by Distributed Denial of
    Service (DDoS) attacks (19 percent), financial theft (18 percent), and
    attacks on intellectual property (17 percent).
  • Increasing Concern: 47 percent of security professionals see
    DDoS attacks as increasingly harmful to their organization this year,
    compared to 38 percent last year.
  • No Sign of Slowing Down: 98 percent of companies surveyed have
    taken steps to minimize risks from the Meltdown-Spectre attack; nine
    out of ten respondents believe that these attacks will become the norm.
  • Time to Mitigate: In 2017, half of the respondents claimed it
    would take them between 60 seconds and five minutes to act on an
    attack, with a quarter claiming it would only take 60 seconds, and the
    final 25 percent pushing the five-minute mark. Comparing this data to
    2018, the clear majority (68 percent) still sit between 60 seconds and
    five minutes.

These numbers mirror data in Neustar's The
Changing Face of Cyber Attacks
report, which examined the effects of
Memcached attacks and the largest DDoS attack ever recorded at 1.7Tbps.
The study demonstrates how the different types of threats propagating
today, combined with the sheer volume of attacks, can paint a
discouraging picture. Even more alarming, however, is the fact that
today's threats seldom occur in isolation. For example, a DDoS threat in
one segment can divert attention from malware in another, while
ransomware can be used to hasten data exfiltration. Additional results

  • IPv6 attacks will rise as companies adopt the new standard. Neustar
    thwarted what is believed to be the first IPv6 attack –the attack
    presented a new direction that attackers are likely to pursue as more
    and more companies adopt IPv6 and run dual IPv4/IPv6 stacks.
  • IoT growth is paving the way for botnets, which are constantly
    evolving. Cyber criminals can rent or purchase these botnets with ease
    – making these threats one of the biggest issues for enterprises today.

Rodney Joffe, Head of NISC and Neustar Senior Vice President and Fellow,
said, "While naturally distressing, these results should come as no
surprise to anyone. Yes, security professionals are becoming more
concerned about the level of threat to their organizations, because that
same level of threat is continuing to rise at an extreme rate."

"As we have seen over the past year, there are more threats to be aware
of, whether in the form of DDoS, malware, application layer attacks or
something else entirely, leaving professionals confused about where the
next attack is coming from."

"To successfully prepare for a cyber-attack in today's landscape is to
accept that your organization will be the next target. If you are
online, you are susceptible to an attack. Whether you are most
vulnerable or not is entirely up to you."

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