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ABBYY Releases Corporate Highlights for Q2 2018


Growing Demand for Robotic Process Automation and Digital
Transformation Technologies Fuel Innovation and Partnerships

For ABBYY®, a global provider of content intelligent solutions and
services, the second quarter of 2018 was packed full of new releases,
events, and activities. With the growing demand for robotic process
automation and digital transformation technologies, ABBYY continues to
provide its partners and customers with top-of-the-line solutions
improving their business outcomes. This digest contains a few highlights
of Q2 2018.

Product News

ABBYY Launches Text Analytics for Contracts
On April
26, ABBYY launched Text Analytics for Contracts, a software SaaS
solution that automatically discovers insights from contracts and leases
to speed up risk mitigation, obligation analysis, and content migration.
Using the service, businesses can accelerate time-to-value and
successfully implement their contract lifecycle management, robotic
process automation, and digital transformation strategies. Learn

ABBYY Introduces FineReader Engine 12
ABBYY released
FineReader Engine 12, a new version of the software development kit that
allows businesses to integrate text recognition, PDF conversion, and
data capture functionalities into software applications running in the
cloud, on premises or virtual machines. FineReader Engine 12 enables
businesses to broaden the spectrum of software applications and services
they offer using modern cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft
Azure. Learn

Now Free, TextGrabber for iOS Receives Real-Time Translation
June, ABBYY launched TextGrabber for iOS with Real-Time Translation
capabilities. The application now translates text in real time online
and offline and is free to download with a premium subscription for a
number of features. The revamped TextGrabber instantly captures text in
61 languages and translates it in real time to 104 languages online and
10 languages offline. Learn

Partnership News

ABBYY Extends Partnership with Panasonic USA
inked a new deal allowing Panasonic to bundle its award-winning document
conversion software, ABBYY FineReader 12 Sprint with Panasonic desktop
document scanners. Both companies have been working together for many
years with the goal of customer convenience at the core of their
collaboration. The new agreement allows Panasonic customers to enjoy
faster and better ways to work with Panasonic scanners using ABBYY's
all-in-one FineReader technology. Learn

ABBYY Announces Partnership with Lifeboat Distribution in
Americas, Benelux

In February, ABBYY announced the
partnership with Lifeboat Distribution, a value-added distributor,
providing supply chain services and connecting software publishers with
resellers around the globe. The company started distributing ABBYY
FineReader and ABBYY Recognition Server in the United States, Canada,
and Mexico. In June, the partnership was extended to include the
countries of the Benelux. Learn

Industry Events

ABBYY Showcases Powerful AI for Documents at AI Summit London
year, ABBYY was a proud sponsor of The AI Summit London, one of the
world's biggest AI events for business. At the conference that brought
together about 4,500 delegates, ABBYY Chief Innovation Officer Anthony
Macciola delivered a keynote on content intelligence and how enterprises
can leverage it to better understand their customers. Learn

ABBYY Business Exchange Europe Highlights Transformative Potential
of Content Intelligence

In June, 140 ABBYY partners and
customers in Europe gathered in Madrid to learn about digital
transformation and how content intelligence is creating new
opportunities. The participants examined the factors driving large
organizations to re-architect their business processes and adopt new
digital transformation strategies. Special thanks to M-Files and UiPath
for their contribution. Learn

ABBYY Demonstrates How to Speed up Processes with AI at PegaWorld

At PegaWorld 2018 in Las Vegas, ABBYY demonstrated how
critical content and data are to driving decisions and accelerating
processes within the Pega ecosystem. The event offered a tremendous
opportunity to engage with leading financial services, insurance,
healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation companies and to
demonstrate how ABBYY's mobile, AI, and content intelligence services
are driving competitive advantage and creating new revenue
opportunities. Learn

New Research Studies and Analyst Reports

Two-Thirds of UK Employees Want to Delegate Work to Robots
quarter, ABBYY released the findings of the new research study
commissioned in the UK. 1,200 British office workers voted on whether or
not they would be comfortable outsourcing tasks to AI and which tasks
that would be. The results are in: 63% of UK employees would like to
delegate the tasks they hate to robots. Learn

The new report by AIIM Industry Watch is available to download free of
charge: "The
State of Intelligent Information Management"

New White Papers

and ABBYY eBook "Information Privacy and Security. GDPR is Just the Tip
of the Iceberg" by John Mancini and Andrew Pery

Research and ABBYY White Paper "Conquer GDPR by Leveraging Policy and
Technology: Intelligent Content Analytics to the Rescue"

Paper "ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts. Connecting Business Documents
to Business Value"

Paper "Working More Productively with Legal Documents. ABBYY FineReader"

Trending on ABBYY Blog

Talking to Robots
Ever wondered how banks and other
financial institutions can accelerate digital transformation by speaking
the right language to robots? You can ask ABBYY's Carl Hillier or simply read
his article on ABBYY Blog>>>>

Data, Data Everywhere, but Not Enough to Use
In the
last 15 years, various companies have produced a huge amount of data;
yet extracting business value from this data still poses the toughest
challenge to businesses trying to be more efficient or just to compete
in the marketplace. Learn

The Sky's the Limit for Document Capture Software Vendors
series of reports published in May not only forecast dizzying growth for
document capture software market worldwide but also predict that, in the
near future, the solution will be a must-have tool for businesses
everywhere. Learn

Upcoming Events

Intelligent Automation Week, Chicago, USA
30 – August 2, 2018

Join ABBYY at this year's
Intelligent Automation Week in Chicago! Don't miss out on the gamut of
intelligent automation technologies including cognitive, machine
learning, AI, and more with 400+ executives across all industries
. Click
here for details>>>

ABBYY Technology Summit 2018, Las Vegas, USA
10-12, 2018

Join us this October for ABBYY's 6th Annual
Technology Summit at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. You will take
a deep dive into the impact RPA is having on intelligent capture,
discussions about the market opportunities around content intelligence,
and industry shifts related to intelligent capture. The event will
feature keynotes by Toby Bell, a global technology executive, strategic
consultant, analyst, and researcher, and Sarah Burnett, Research Vice
President at Everest Group. You will also have the opportunity to meet
the engineers behind our game-changing products and network with other
power players and thought leaders. Register

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growth by understanding customers and delivering responsive real-time
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customers to utilize a diverse range of advanced technologies, platforms
and solutions for classification, text analytics, data and entity
extraction, and data validation via any communication channel and in any
format. ABBYY technologies are used and licensed by some of the largest
international enterprises and government organizations, as well as SMBs
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