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Uber Driver and Delivery Partners in the United States Earned More Than $12.9 Billion in 2017


Uber also releases study by Economic Development Research Group
measuring the economic impact of Uber on the U.S. economy

Today, we're excited to share that in the United States, driver and
delivery partners using the Uber app took home more than $12.9 billion
last year. This amount represents all money earned by Uber's driver and
delivery partners, net of service fees using the Uber Driver App.

A recent study by the Economic Development Research Group (EDRG)
measured the full economic impact of Uber in the U.S., the first study
of its kind to examine the economic impact of ridesharing. For an
in-depth look at Uber's economic impact, find the study at

The study found that Uber's activities support $17 billion of gross
domestic product
in the U.S.:

  • The net impact of Uber on the United States national economy is $591
  • Altogether, 12% of Uber trips in the United States are for business
  • Overall, 11.6% of Uber trips in United States are taken by
    international visitors
    , and 26.7% of visitors report spending
    more during their trip because Uber
    enabled them to visit
    additional locations.
  • When asked about their most recent trip, 9.5% of respondents said
    they used the app to connect to a bus or rail line
    . Another 12.6%
    said their most recent trip involved a connection to an airport
  • Nearly a quarter (23%) of drivers nationwide were unemployed prior
    to driving with Uber.
  • Another 14% of Uber trips in the United States were reported to
    allow riders to visit destinations they could not access without Uber
  • The value of driver benefits is $5.7 billion annually. The
    importance of schedule flexibility is significant and is the most
    commonly reported amenity benefit for drivers: 80% cite the
    importance of schedule flexibility offered by the Uber app
  • Overall, 87% of drivers also earn income from other sources.

To read EDRG's full economic impact report, click here.

More about EDRG:
Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group)
is a firm dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in economic
evaluation and analysis to support planning and policy in the areas of
transportation, energy resources, urban development, and economic growth

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