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Enjoy Local, Seasonal Ingredients at Prince Hotels in Japan


Prince Hotels, the outstanding example for hotel chains in Japan, has
created a network of 43 hotels, 28 golf courses, and 9 ski resorts
throughout Japan. A stay with Prince Hotels allows you to enjoy natural
beauties throughout all the seasons of the year as well as traditional
Japanese cultural experiences.

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Hakodate Onuma Prince Hotel: Hokkaido Squid (Photo: Business Wire)

Hakodate Onuma Prince Hotel: Hokkaido Squid (Photo: Business Wire)

The four seasons are clearly delineated in Japan, and there are seasonal
ingredients for each that allow for unique dining experiences. Japanese
cuisine was added in December of 2013 as an Intangible Cultural Asset.
This honor refers not to the specific dishes within the cuisine, but to
the unique Japanese culinary culture that expresses a natural and
seasonal harmony.

Prince Hotels provides cuisine that always takes advantage of local,
seasonal ingredients.

Prince hotel, Hokkaido

The site of Hakodate Onuma Prince Hotel is at Onuma National Park,
representative of Hokkaido's picturesque natural beauty. This resort
hotel offers golfing, hot springs, and nature trails, among other
attractions. The dinner courses available in the main dining room offer
fresh Hokkaido squid and royal shiitake mushrooms among their

Hokkaido Squid

Hakodate in Hokkaido is renowned for its squid, and bears the nickname,
Squid Town. Fresh squid in Hakodate is translucently clear. This
Hakodate treat offers all who try it an unforgettable sensation with its
tender yet firm bite.

Royal Shiitake Mushrooms

Royal shiitake mushrooms are cultivated in Hokkaido Nanaecho. These
gigantic mushrooms have caps that are roughly four inches across and
more than one inch thick. Their savory taste is highly concentrated,
with a uniquely rich flavor.

Prince Hotel, Tohoku

The Towada Prince Hotel is situated along the banks of Lake Towada, at
the border between Aomori and Akita Prefectures. Enjoy dishes made with
Towada kokanee, a landlocked variety of sockeye salmon, in the main
dining room.

Towada Kokanee (Himemasu)

The Towada kokanee are a species of salmon unique to Lake Towada. Known
as princess trout in Japanese, their name reflects their
lovely form and beautifully tinted flesh. The tender rosy flesh is
renowned for a unique mouthfeel and sweetness. This freshwater fish is
also unique in that it has no customary fishy scent and its flesh is
also rich with fat, making for a refined taste.

Prince Hotel, Izu

The Shimoda Prince Hotel is a seaside property located along the
Minami-Izu Shirahama Coast. Enjoy creative fusion dishes that meld
Japanese and Western techniques as beautifully as the fresh seafood and
mountain vegetables are combined in Kamome, the main dining room. Given
the rarity of the special class turban shell meat that is sometimes
available for cooking, it is best to inquire with the hotel in advance.

Special Class Turban Shell Meat

The special class turban shells are also called phantom turban shells
because they are so rarely found in the Shimoda area. A very large
variety of turban shells, exceeding 400 grams in weight. As if their
large size were not unique enough, their meat is also renowned for a
unique sweetness and richness.


In July of 2018, the Sunshine City Prince Hotel, in Tokyo's Ikebukuro,
is the first among the Prince Hotel chain to accept Alipay payments.
Moving forward, more and more hotels will adopt this ability, with plans
calling for Alipay to be accepted at all Prince hotels, golf courses,
and ski resorts throughout Japan by the summer of 2019.

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