Market Overview

Opportunistic Trader Launches Market Analysis & Virtual Trading Floor Platform


New livestream platform allows first-time and seasoned traders the
opportunity to talk with global trading experts across all asset classes
through live chats

The service offers unique interaction with professionals providing
access to their trades, analysis and observations throughout the day

Opportunistic Trader
launched a new market analysis and livestream
platform for beginner and advanced traders who want to trade alongside
experts. They cover equity, FX, fixed income, energy, metals,
agriculture, volatility, market sentiment, cryptocurrency, and more. The
platform will officially go live on August 1.

The interactive community is dedicated to helping traders of all levels
by providing expert analysis, market information and observations to
build consistency and trading success. Using livestream chat rooms,
which is their virtual trading floor, and one-of-a-kind access to
veterans of all sectors, traders can analyze markets, react to breaking
news and develop strategies that can be used to maximize profitable
trading opportunities.

The team, with over 15 active experts, has a long history of success.
They've managed well over $1 billion in assets. They congregate daily on
The Opportunistic Trader to meet and discuss trading opportunities in
real time. The team starts each day with an "AM Game Plan" where they
come up with a plan for the day and how they will react to upcoming
news, economic data, corporate earnings, politics and market
information. As the day progresses and news breaks, the team of experts
react with the community.

"We have created a product with real time expert analysis unlike
anything you will find in the trading community. We communicate so both
beginners and experts can understand and become more informed and more
consistent. Joining our community is like sitting on a trading floor
next to traders that have made hundreds of millions of dollars trading
over their careers," said Larry Benedict, Founder of The
Opportunistic Trader

Features like live Q&A with experts, research webinars, interactive
polls, overnight recaps and live breaking news provides traders with
information and observations to help navigate the markets. The chat room
is available to all subscribers and gives traders across the globe the
opportunity to work side by side experts to help decipher market
opportunities in all global asset classes.

Opportunistic Trader
is comprised of a team who has generated over
$1 billion in profit across industries in the stock market. Team members
average 30+ years of experience in trading and are here to offer their
insight and advice to seasoned and beginner traders.

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