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Sheet on Global Blockchain Technology Market (2018-2023)"

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The global market for Blockchain technology will expand at a CAGR of
42.8% to reach a revenue of USD 19.9 Bn by 2023

Increasing applications in sectors like Banking and Financial Services,
Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Energy, Media, and Informatics,
among others, will enable the growth of the Blockchain technology
market. Public, private and mixed are the different types of Blockchain
technology, with the first reigning in terms of market dominance.

An abundance of forthcoming investments and benefits like smoother and
transparent operations should be help negate the challenges posed by the
lack of awareness and inadequate regulatory framework in the Blockchain

Giants like Microsoft Corporation, IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte are
among those who provide Blockchain technology services.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1: List of Figures/Charts

Chapter 2: Introduction

1. Blockchain Technology Functionality

2. Blockchain Application

3. Value-chain- Blockchain technology

Chapter 3: Blockchain technology Market Overview

1. Global forecasted market revenue (USD bn) (2016-2023)

2. Geography wise market revenue (USD bn) in 2018

Chapter 4: Regional Overview

1. Market revenue (USD bn) - North America (2016-2023)

2. Market revenue (USD bn) - Europe (2016-2023)

3. Market revenue (USD bn) - Asia Pacific (2016-2023)

4. Market revenue (USD bn) - Latin America (2016-2023)

5. Market revenue (USD bn) - Middle East & Africa (2016-2023)

Chapter 5: Blockchain Technology Market segmentation by industry

1. Global Revenue-BFS

2. Global Revenue-Insurance

3. Global Revenue-Supply chain

4. Global Revenue-Healthcare

5. Global revenue- Other

6. Revenue contribution Industries- North America

7. Revenue contribution Industries- Europe

8. Revenue contribution Industries- Asia Pacific

9. Revenue contribution Industries- Latin America

10. Revenue contribution Industries- Middle East and Africa

Chapter 6: Segmentation Overview-By Type

1. Revenue contribution - Current Scenario; 2018

2. Market growth (2018-2023)-Public Blockchain (US bn)

3. Market growth (2018-2023)-Private Blockchain (US bn)

4. Market Growth (2018-2023)-Mixed Blockchain (US bn)

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