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Gene Therapy Technologies, Markets and Companies Research Report 2018: Updated Global Analysis & Forecasts 2017-2027 -


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This report takes broad overview of gene therapy and is the most
up-to-date presentation from the author on this topic built-up from a
series of gene therapy report written by him during the past decade
including a textbook of gene therapy and a book on gene therapy
companies. This report describes the setbacks of gene therapy and
renewed interest in the topic

Gene therapy technologies are described in detail including viral
vectors, nonviral vectors and cell therapy with genetically modified
vectors. Gene therapy is an excellent method of drug delivery and
various routes of administration as well as targeted gene therapy are
described. There is an introduction to technologies for gene suppression
as well as molecular diagnostics to detect and monitor gene expression.
Gene editing technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 and CAR-T cell therapies
are also included

Clinical applications of gene therapy are extensive and cover most
systems and their disorders. Full chapters are devoted to genetic
syndromes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and
viral infections with emphasis on AIDS. Applications of gene therapy in
veterinary medicine, particularly for treating cats and dogs, are

Research and development is in progress in both the academic and the
industrial sectors. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the US is
playing an important part. As of 2016, over 2050 clinical trials were
completed, were ongoing or had been approved worldwide.A breakdown of
these trials is shown according to the geographical areas and

The markets for gene therapy have been difficult to estimate as there
only a few approved gene therapy products Gene therapy markets are
estimated for the years 2017-2027. The estimates are based on
epidemiology of diseases to be treated with gene therapy, the portion of
those who will be eligible for these treatments, competing technologies
and the technical developments anticipated in the next decades. In spite
of some setbacks, the future for gene therapy is bright. The markets for
DNA vaccines are calculated separately as only genetically modified
vaccines and those using viral vectors are included in the gene therapy

The voluminous literature on gene therapy was reviewed and selected 750
references are appended in the bibliography. The references are
constantly updated. The text is supplemented with 78 tables and 25

Profiles of 183 companies involved in developing gene therapy are
presented along with 250 collaborations.

Key Topics Covered:

Part I: Technologies & Markets

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Gene Therapy Technologies

3. Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy

4. Gene Therapy of Genetic Disorders

5. Gene Therapy of Cancer

6. Gene Therapy of Neurological Disorders

7. Gene Therapy of Cardiovascular Disorders

8. Gene therapy of viral infections

9. Research, Development and Future of Gene Therapy

10. Regulatory, Safety, Ethical Patent Issues of Gene Therapy

11. Markets for Gene Therapy

12. References

Part II: Companies

13. Companies involved in Gene Therapy

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