Market Overview

Bamboo Rose Launches My Views: Increases Personalization, Innovation on its Multi-Enterprise Platform


New tool puts information in the hands of users, allowing retailers
to increase efficiency throughout product development process

– the multi-enterprise platform connecting the retail community
to discover, develop, and deliver products at consumer speed
today announced the launch of My
Views, a new element of its Marketplace platform that allows retailers
and their partners to personalize and visualize product lifecycle
information using multiple views.

Surviving in the new retail economy means retailers need to go digital,
throwing open the lines of communication partners in their supply chains
– but with an approach that encourages adoption and stays focused on
efficiency. With this in mind, Bamboo Rose aims to mimic easy-to-use
consumer apps to dynamically bring B2B enterprise communities together
through a personalized experience with My Views, with data
personalization capabilities, visualizations and grouping/totaling

Key features of My Views

  • Personalization: When enterprises work together, there's
    typically too much data for users to effectively manage. Cutting
    through the noise to see the most relevant data to a given job is
    difficult. Hundreds of thousands of activities can be happening across
    a supply chain at any point in time, but with My Views, a user can
    configure their Bamboo Rose platform to show only key activities
    relevant to them, say, a new customer order, a warning that a
    production could be missed, a request for feedback on a new concept or
    quality check, etc.
  • Grouping and Totaling: This aggregation of data allows users to
    focus on a specific need, and pull the data that will best help them
    address that need. This feature gives users the ability to drag and
    drop to group subtotals and add calculations like sum, average and
    count for the results. For example, a user can calculate total
    estimated landed costs by department or view the average initial
    markup units percentage by category.
  • Visual Dashboards: Powered by artificial intelligence and
    advanced analytics, the Bamboo Rose platform monitors the entire
    retail supply chain. With My Views visual dashboards, users can see
    the supply chain heat spots around the globe that are relevant to
    them, and assess specific supply chain situations in different ways.
    For instance, a buyer may want the view the total cost of a product
    from two supply chains. They can ask Bamboo Rose to provide an ethical
    view of each quote, assessing which option is the most sustainable and
    cost- effective choice.

The My Views functionality will also allow retailers to prioritize and
plan container utilization during heavy promotional seasons based on the
past shipment behavior of suppliers, shipment time frames, tradelanes
and port congestion.

"With modern technology, retailers are armed with a wealth of data to
inform their product development decisions, but it can be overwhelming,"
said Ann Diamante, chief product officer at Bamboo Rose. "With the
option to define multiple ways to view data – including documents,
images, videos or concepts – retailers can drive innovation by allowing
individual users to focus on what matters most to them throughout the

My Views allows retailers to explore automation and data analytics
without engaging in complex, costly implementations, enabling them to
break down silos throughout the product development process and putting
information in the hands of the user to define how they want to interact
with it across the enterprise.

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About Bamboo Rose
Bamboo Rose helps the retail community
cross the digital chasm to discover, develop, and deliver products at
consumer speed. Bamboo Rose offers the only end-to-end product
innovation platform that combines a digital B2B Marketplace, intelligent
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing, Purchase Order, Global
Trade Management (GTM), and Sales Order. We help retailers and suppliers
simplify the product creation and delivery process to bring great
products to market faster, more efficiently, and at higher margins. Our
company is made up of retail experts with decades of experience at some
of the largest global retailers. Bamboo Rose serves over 85 tier one
retailers, 400 brands, 35,000 suppliers, 250,000 user members
representing over $725 billion in retail sales.

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