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Despite Digital Advances and an Increase in Client Communications, Advisors Still Prefer In-Person Meetings: Hartford Funds Survey


Advisors seek meaningful connection through value-add informational
sessions and seminars

Advisors strongly prefer face-to-face meetings with their clients,
despite more frequent – and still increasing – client communication,
according to new data from Hartford Funds. As digital communication
methods grow in popularity, forward-thinking advisors will need to
adjust their approach in kind to maintain fruitful relationships with
their clients.

Face-to-Face Meetings Remain Top Choice for Advisors

Nearly three-quarters of advisors (73 percent) cited face-to-face
meetings as their favored method of communication with clients and
prospects. By comparison, only 12 percent of advisors found video
options like Skype and FaceTime most useful for these conversations.

Further, when asked which digital platforms advisors use most often for
client and prospect communication, LinkedIn was a clear winner. In fact,
74 percent of respondents ranked it in their top three most-used
platforms. Twitter and Skype were nearly tied as the next most-used
choices with 45 and 43 percent of advisors using them, respectively.

Communication is Skyrocketing

Although they prefer in-person meetings, nearly two-thirds of advisors
(64 percent) report interacting with their clients on at least a weekly
basis to discuss investment strategy, or simply touch-base. Advisors
virtually unanimously (96 percent) anticipate that this frequency of
communication should continue in the next five-to-ten years, with almost
38 percent expecting it to increase by more than 50 percent.

"Effective, consistent communication is the bedrock of the
advisor-client relationship and a strategic imperative in human-centric
advising," said Julie Genjac, Managing Director, Strategic Markets at
Hartford Funds. "As advisors thread the needle and both communicate more
frequently and meet in-person, it's essential that they embrace
firm-approved digital alternatives (like video chat) that allow for more
regular, face-to-face interactions."

Group Informational Sessions an Important Value-Add

As they communicate more frequently with their clients, advisors are
also seeking ways to provide critical value-add outside of their regular
discussions. Over half of advisors (53 percent) reported hosting group
informational sessions (regarding trending investment topics, market
updates, technology, and other subjects) at least quarterly, and
three-quarters (75 percent) do so annually.

"Value-add content is a critical way for advisors to guide their clients
on issues related and unrelated to their finances," said John Diehl,
Senior Vice President of Strategic Markets at Hartford Funds.
"Considering their widespread preference for face-to-face interaction,
advisors must leverage workshops and group informational sessions to
provide valuable insight in-person on important issues, and thereby
ensure that their client relationships are more fruitful and rewarding."

The survey of 116 financial advisors was administered in-person in
June 2018.

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