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Nebraska State Electrical Division Announces New Website


The Nebraska
State Electrical Division
has launched an updated, modern and
comprehensive website where users can easily find information they need
to remain in good standing.

The Nebraska State Electrical Division (NSED) was established by the
Legislature in 1969 within the State Fire Marshal's office. The division
included a five-member board appointed by the Governor, with the consent
of the Legislature. In 1975, the Nebraska State Electrical Act was
created providing laws regarding electrical licensing and inspections in
the state. To assure all regulatory information is available to all who
need it, the new website was redesigned, and content has been mapped to
provide efficiency. An interactive county map has been included for
users to find contact information for the electrical inspector in each
county. At the top of the priorities and top of the page is a search box
which allows the users to input what they seek and choose from a list of
content containing key words. The navigation is well organized and
categorized to expedite each user's experience.

"We wanted to centralize the forms and applications to include all the
licensing and inspection options in addition to making the convenient
online services clearly accessible," stated Mike Bouwens, Chief
Electrical Inspector, Nebraska Electrical Division. "It is also
important to us that the information about continuing education is easy
to find so people can stay up to date or expand their skills. Working
with Nebraska Interactive to reorganize the content and train our staff
to edit the site was extremely valuable. We had a terrific experience."

With the website built in Drupal, the NSED now has the ability to post
code classes and exams, as well as update agency content with relevant

"We are excited to help the NSED and empower them to edit and control
their own website content. Collaborating with government agencies is
what we do best," said Brent Hoffman, General Manager of Nebraska
Interactive. "We're happy to help."

About the Portal (
is managed by Nebraska Interactive, LLC., part of digital government
firm NIC's (NASDAQ:EGOV) family of companies. Nebraska Interactive
works with state agencies to enable them to conduct state business
online and improve public access to government information and is
contracted by the Nebraska State Records Board to provide online
services for Nebraska government agencies.

Users can find out more about online
Government services in Nebraska



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