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Machine Learning Algorithms Helping Time-Poor Tradies Get on Top of Data Entry


Australia's army of time-poor tradies and technicians need no longer be
concerned about investing time in day-to-day data entry, thanks to
global job management software group simPRO and a next generation data
integration service developed using machine learning.

simPRO's new Data Feed add-on uses complex algorithms to draw
information from multiple electronic formats and correctly interprets it
for use in a variety of administrative tasks.

It was initially developed for businesses who use simPRO on top of other
platforms. The add-on allows these businesses to continue operating the
way they choose while it works automatically to pull correct data from
systems not integrated with simPRO.

As a result, administrative tasks like client updates, purchase orders
and job requests or work orders are instantly streamlined as data
sourced from emails and email attachments like PDFs and Excel documents
are gathered and then correctly allocated within simPRO.

"Essentially this enables simPRO to have a one way integration with any
other system that can send emails with data," simPRO Director Curtis
Thomson said.

"These systems include security monitoring systems, websites, contractor
management systems, wholesaling systems and building management systems,
allowing our clients to stay time focused on serving their own customers
more effectively and spending more time on higher value work."

"Australia businesses are often time-poor due to current market and
industry demands and the constant strain of keeping profitable.

"We're not here to tell people how to run their business, we're here to
help make businesses run efficiently, and with simPRO's Data Feed add-on
we provide an accurate, automated system that improves overall business
operations," Mr Thomson said.

Prices for simPRO's Data Feed start from $39 + GST for three data feeds,
with no charge included for installation and setup. Additional packages
are also available for businesses who would require 10 or even 20 data

"Data Feed's purpose is to eliminate administrative monotony, improve
accuracy and reduce costs by making a business' data do all the work,"
Mr Thomson said.

"By taking the busy work out of the schedule, this software add-on is a
step in the right direction towards helping businesses become more
productive, streamlined and overall more successful."

With customers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the
United Kingdom, simPRO provides global leadership for trade and
specialty contractors worldwide.

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