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Dash's Merchant Adoption in Venezuela Exceeds All Other Cryptocurrencies Combined


the leading peer-to-peer digital currency for payments, is more widely
used for commerce, both online and in person, throughout Venezuela than
every other cryptocurrency combined. More than 500 merchants in the
country now accept Dash for payments including Remax Venezuela real
estate, Motos Bera motorcycles, and Susy Cookies bakery franchise.

Dash has made a concentrated merchant adoption push in Venezuela, and as
a result it has become easily the number one digital currency for
payments in the country. Business Development Head of Dash Merchant
Venezuela Alejandro Echeverría said, "The Dash cryptocurrency and
community have made the biggest contribution to our country. The numbers
speak for themselves."

Currently, Dash has 10,000 users, 500 merchants (including more than 10
non-governmental organizations) and more than 50 people who are paid in
Dash, including workers from Dash Help, Dash Merchant, Dash Venezuela
and Dash Youth. As a result, Dash is the cryptocurrency that has had the
most impact in Venezuela. Dash is being used every day for real
transactions between buyers and merchants as a means of trading and not
just an investment option. No other cryptocurrency has achieved that
level of use in Venezuela.

Cryptobuyer, a Latin American cryptocurrency exchange, ATM and merchant
solutions company, reports that Dash is frequently in the top two most
used cryptocurrencies on the platform, and is currently the top.
Cryptobuyer CEO Jorge Farias said, "Cryptobuyer was the first platform
in Latin America to integrate Dash in early 2017, as well as the first
to offer it in Venezuela. Every month, we see how Bitcoin and Dash fight
for the top volume in our operations, but as for the largest number of
transactions, Dash is winning at this time."

The growth of Dash's use has enabled Venezuelans to escape the effects
of hyperinflation, which recently reached the one million mark in the
Bloomberg Cafe Con Leche Index, meaning a single cup of coffee now costs
one million bolivars. Dash has appreciated more than 2,000% since
January of 2017, presenting a way out for struggling Venezuelans.

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