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NA and EU: Selective Profile of Customer Choices in Vehicle Purchasing by Gender - Forecast to 2020 -


The "Selective
Profile of Customer Choices in Vehicle Purchasing by Gender, NA and EU,
Forecast to 2020"
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Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) always strive to provide
customers with the features they seek in a new car. However, this
becomes complicated when female and male buyers have different vehicle
choices. By conducting a survey on customer preferences for new
vehicles, OEMs can design vehicles in accordance with certain key
customer considerations and preferences.

There is an exceptionally wide range of choices, among both female and
male customers, for technologies and features in new vehicles, and OEMs
are faced with the challenging task of providing customers with what
they want in a new vehicle.

The study seeks to analyze the trends that are impacting the North
American and European automotive industries, especially with regard to
the difference in preferences between male and female new car buyers. It
will highlight the differences on various aspects including vehicle
brands, models, prices, and advanced technologies such as electric
vehicle systems and future autonomous technologies. The study presents
the current global passenger vehicle market scenario with an insight
into how certain trends are expected to take shape by 2020.

It is particularly useful to note the differences in customer
preferences by gender in terms of body styles and fuel choices for new
vehicles. The current trend among new vehicle customers preferring sport
utility vehicles (SUVs) is well-known in the automotive industry, and it
will be interesting to know how this trend plays out among the users on
the ground, even for the size of the SUV. Moreover, with new buyers
moving toward petrol engine vehicles in markets that are popular for
diesel, it will be interesting to note how this shift affects female and
male new vehicle buyers.

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

  • Executive Summary - Key Findings
  • Gender-wise Vehicle Buying Preferences
  • Influence of Facebook on Vehicle Purchase Decision in EU
  • Fuel/Engine Type for Customers' Targeted Ideal Vehicle

2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology

  • Research Scope and Objectives
  • Research Aim and Objectives
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Research Background and Methodology

3. Vehicle Purchase Decision Drivers

  • Important Attributes for Vehicle Purchase
  • Next Vehicle Purchase Segment and Budget
  • Budget for Next Vehicle by Vehicle Purchase Segment
  • Share of Current Vehicle Owners in Next Vehicle Purchase by Segments
  • Driving Dynamics Influencers
  • Vehicle and Driving Dynamics Feature Influencers - Cars
  • Current Vehicle Owner Migration to Next Vehicles

4. Gender-based New Vehicle Preferences

  • Technology Adoption Level - EU
  • Influence of Facebook on Vehicle Purchase Decisions - EU
  • Preferred Financing or Payment Options by Gender - North America
  • Preferred Financing or Payment Options by Gender - Europe
  • Top Ideal Vehicle Brands by Purchasing Preferences
  • Vehicle Body Type Preference - North America
  • Vehicle Body Type Preference - Europe
  • Fuel/Engine Type for Customers' Targeted Ideal Vehicle

5. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

  • Driving Dynamics - 5 Major Growth Opportunities
  • Growth Opportunities - New Vehicle Purchasing
  • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

6. Key Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Key Conclusions and So What Analysis
  • Top 3 Predictions
  • Legal Disclaimer

7. Appendix

  • List of Exhibits

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