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ORFLO Announces Collaboration with Penn Medicine to Benchmark Moxi Go II for Simultaneous Cell Count, Cell Volume, Cell Viability Assessment Against Current Standards, Critical in the Manufacturing Process of CART Cells Used for Immunotherapies


ORFLO Technologies is announcing a collaboration with the University of
Pennsylvania (Penn) to evaluate the use of the ORFLO Moxi Go II during
the manufacturing of CART cells. ORFLO and Penn, under the supervision
of Dr. Marco Ruella (Assistant Professor of Medicine in Penn's Perelman
School of Medicine), will work to understand how the ORFLO's Moxi Go II
488 (combined Coulter Principle, 2 channel flow cytometer) can be used
to monitor cell count, cell volume, and additional key parameters during
CART expansion.

The Moxi
combines two cell analysis QC tools in one; Coulter Principle
single cell count and cell volume analysis with two channels of flow
cytometry. Additionally, the Moxi Go II utilizes a disposable flow cell
eliminating the need to clean or maintain the instrument. It also
provides a near real-time quantitative count, cell volume, viability
result (20 seconds) with a simultaneous enumeration of CD8 (or other
markers), using a small sample volume (15uls). The instrument is compact
enabling researchers to deploy the system at their point of T-cell
expansion and incorporates simple "touch-and-go" apps. Ultimately the
goal is to greatly improve downstream results and research efficiencies
by combining these measurements into one highly accurate test.

"We are pleased to partner with Dr. Ruella and Penn Medicine,
both pioneers in the field of immunotherapy research and development, to
explore a new T-cell expansion monitoring solution that we hope will
play a role in future research advances in this field,
" said Don
O'Neil, ORFLO's SVP.


is a life sciences company developing and marketing revolutionary
instrumentation protein and cell analysis. At the core of ORFLO's
instrumentation is a patent protected disposable, micro-fluidic,
electronic optic flow cell. ORFLO's instruments provide a powerful
unique window to cell analysis by directly measuring fluorescence and
cell volume simultaneously. This coupled with the industry leading ease
of use, affordability and elimination of maintenance will enable a
significant increase in the pace of discovery.

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