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Whiskey Innovators, Cleveland Whiskey, Top Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns


Campaign seeks to raise $1m to support growth plan.

Cleveland Whiskey, a whiskey distillery in Cleveland, Ohio that uses
Pressure Aging® to produce award-winning whiskies in a fraction of the
time it takes to follow a traditional process, launched an equity
crowdfunding campaign June 29th and has been in the top 5
performers on, a top equity crowdfunding platform, for the
past two weeks. Today Cleveland Whiskey was named a ‘Top Deal' on,
a website of financial experts and technologists helping investors make
more informed startup investment decisions.

"We are so excited people are getting on board with us. We achieved our
minimum raise in record time," said Tom Lix, Founder and CEO, "but there
is still an opportunity to be part of this company. With the minimum
investment at $100 it is structured so even the smallest investor is

This year has brought many successes to Cleveland Whiskey including
several gold medals at global spirits competitions. One of the most
prestigious being a double gold award at the 2018 SIP Awards for
Cleveland Underground finished with Black Cherry Wood. Known for being
the spirits competition judged by consumers, this year the competition
saw a large increase in competitors making this achievement even more

On the barbeque side of the business, the company has a network of
retailers spanning 33 states and Canada carrying SmokerBRICX (,
as well as several e-commerce outlets.

This campaign will support continued capacity expansion, marketing
programs to accelerate growth, and the engineering work needed to not
only improve on existing technology but develop the plans for the next
move which will include a new, and much larger Cleveland Whiskey

Additional information can be found at the equity
crowdfunding investment
site including the business plan and the
potential investor presentation.

Named "Whiskey Distillery Innovator of the Year," Cleveland Whiskey has
won over sixty medals and counting at competitions around the world
including twenty-four gold, double gold, and special Best-In-Class
awards. Unique finishes with woods that include black cherry and apple,
limited runs of coffee infusions plus local craft beer and maple syrup
barrel aged bourbons.

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