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Riptide Managed IT Service Division Organizes for Continuing Growth


Riptide's managed IT services division is busier than ever and is
continuing to grow recently adding multiple, new Florida-based
clientele. The growth of the IT division has resulted from adding new
cybersecurity products and services to protect Riptide's clients'
infrastructure while managing the day to day activities. Riptide will be
adding additional employees to the team through the end of the year.

"Defending against network intrusion and cyber threats is becoming our
highest priority as the number of attacks increases every day," said
Philip Loeffel, Riptide Software's CEO. "Our latest combination of
activity network monitoring, application penetration testing, and
old-fashioned diligence is helping our customers stay safe."

As part of the IT division's growth strategy and market-assessed needs,
Riptide will now be offering penetration testing services in addition to
their current portfolio of services. Four types of penetration testing
are now available: website penetration testing, LAN intrusion testing,
network and Intrusion attempts testing, and host intrusion and
exfiltration attempts. The team is excited to offer these new services
to support organizations' business security.

Riptide Software's IT Services Manager, Walid Costandi, added: "The use
of Riptide's proprietary penetration testing tool set combined with
military grade analysis and patching procedures is providing our
customers with a level of security not previously seen. This increased
level of support guards against phishing attempts, network intrusions,
and a host of other dangerous actions being committed by bad actors
every day."

In addition to offering new services, Riptide has also brought on
additional IT employees to the team for greater flexibility and to
support their customer-focused approach. Riptide Software offers managed
IT services for any industry and business size within Florida. More
information on Riptide's managed IT services can be found on:

About Riptide Software, Inc.

is an award-winning CMMI Level 4 technology company
headquartered in Central Florida. Since 1995, Riptide has delivered
state-of-the-art military training systems that support our War-fighters
through software and integrated hardware design, development,
manufacturing, and sustainment of advanced technology systems using
live, virtual, and constructive simulations. Riptide's four divisions
also include a wide array of products and services for the Department of
Defense and various commercial industries. These services include:
defense modeling and simulation, training systems, managed IT services,
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