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Federated Wireless and Airspan Announce Long-Term Shared Spectrum Collaboration


Small Cell CBRS Technology Integrated with Spectrum Controller Opens
New Wireless Markets

Federated Wireless, a leading shared spectrum technology provider, and
Airspan, a leading provider of Advanced LTE small cells and small cell
backhaul solutions, today announced a long-term collaboration agreement
aimed at enabling organizations pursuing opportunities within the
emerging shared spectrum market. Together, they provide comprehensive
solutions for commercialization of the 3.5 GHz CBRS band in the U.S.,
while also offering a clear path for unlocking additional spectrum bands
for the proliferation of 5G technologies and global adoption of shared
spectrum solutions.

Delivering the widest portfolio of outdoor and indoor small cells, and
small cell backhaul in the industry, Airspan helps operators increase
their spectral efficiency and achieve the highest capacity possible.
Federated Wireless, which currently supports all major CBRS trials
underway in the U.S., leads the industry with its advanced Spectrum
Controller, an end-to-end solution for shared spectrum access,
management and optimization, helping businesses quickly and efficiently
plan, optimize and monetize CBRS services. Together, the two companies
are poised to fully support mobile operators as they add enhanced 4G
coverage and capacity to their networks and begin pursuing 5G

"Our joint goal is to explore the boundaries of small-cell technology in
order to lay the foundation for 5G, cost-effectively adding bandwidth to
mobile networks, thus enabling massive densification," said Eric
Stonestrom, CEO and President of Airspan Networks. "Federated Wireless'
unique model and leadership in the field of shared spectrum solutions
complements Airspan's market-leading position in Advanced LTE small

Airspan is deploying unique ‘cross-over' small-cells that perform like
Macro eNBs across rural America. Airspan's AirHarmony Mini-Macros and
advanced ODU UEs/Terminal Devices for the CBRS Band are being deployed
to cover different rural and small urban environments on behalf of
forward looking Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) in states
like Texas, Idaho and Nebraska, among others. Airspan's strong track
record serving national Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) validate its
ability to boost WISPs' revenues through roaming deals that other RAN
vendors cannot guarantee interoperability for in these markets.

Both Airspan and Federated Wireless have a shared spectrum vision that
extends beyond the U.S. and 4G, exemplified by Federated Wireless'
current work with regulators in Europe to begin shared spectrum trials,
and Airspan's current delivery of 3.5 GHz solutions worldwide. As 5G
moves from vision to reality, intelligent shared spectrum solutions will
be critical to achieving the Quality of Experience and bandwidth
requirements promised by 5G.

"The wireless industry is at an inflection point. Enabling new services
and next-gen advancements such as 5G requires more spectrum, and the
fastest way to deliver it is by adopting a new shared model," said Todd
Gore, VP of Sales at Federated Wireless. "Our partnership will enable us
to create shared spectrum solutions in the U.S. and globally that will
greatly expand and improve advanced 4G networks today, and 5G networks

About Federated Wireless

Federated Wireless is leading the wireless industry through the shared
spectrum revolution, unlocking a spectrum of possibilities by
eliminating the decades-old problem of spectrum scarcity. The Company
offers the industry's first spectrum controller, enabling government and
commercial users to securely share the same spectrum band. Headquartered
in Arlington, Virginia, Federated Wireless is removing the multi-billion
dollar price tag associated with spectrum access, allowing for the
creation of new wireless carriers and business models.

About Airspan Networks Inc.

Airspan (OTC:AIRO) is a leading 4G and 5G RAN solution provider,
with over 1000 customers in over 100 countries. Airspan is regularly
recognized as a leader and pioneer in LTE Access and innovative Backhaul
solutions. Airspan has an expansive product portfolio, which includes
indoor and outdoor small cells, and all-outdoor, compact Micro and Macro
base stations, a variety of user devices and network optimization
products. These connectivity solutions operate in bands from 400 MHz up
to 6.4 GHz and 60-80GHz millimeter wave.

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