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Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their latest article on the top
marketing trends to take advantage of in 2018

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In the current market scenario, there is more to marketing than just
advertising and communications. For most firms, marketing has now
presumed a strategic role that drives above-market growth based on a
deep knowledge of the customer.

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The new marketing trends provide access to customer data. Such data can
be transformed into meaningful insights to better target customers for
the company's marketing campaigns. Any kind of marketing based on
customer insights is extremely pertinent in today's market scenario,
where customers have the option to ‘scroll' ahead and ignore the content
that is of least importance to them. Smart marketers are proactive when
it comes to quickly adjusting to the new trends in marketing.

According to the analytics experts at Quantzig,
"The new trends in marketing, businesses now have
unprecedented access to customer data."

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Top marketing trends to take advantage of in

  • Interactive content: One of the trends that have taken the
    audience by storm is interactive content. Interactive web experiences
    can now be considered to take the lead in attracting visitors –
    experiences that present thought leadership content in more
    convincing, animated, and visual ways. The use of interactive content
    is a great way for organizations to involve with their audience and
    keep their interest hooked on to the contents in their marketing
  • Micro-moment marketing: New marketing trends like the
    micro-moment interaction with customers are becoming extremely popular
    with brands and the audience that are similar. In this type of
    marketing, the customer journey is divided into moments that comprise
    micro-interactions, where a user searches on their device for
    something to determine, learn, buy, do, or watch. For example, people
    use location-based searches to search for what is near on Google maps
    to find businesses located in close proximity. The online and offline
    world are linked by mobile devices and succeeding searches, letting
    location-based searches and revealing micro-behaviors of customers.
    This concept gives more importance not only on getting your message
    diagonally to the users but also places a great prominence on the

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    take advantage of in 2018.

  • Authentic storytelling: Smart marketers were quick to detect
    the change in the modern consumers that they are self-directed. But,
    today, consumers are not just looking for content. They are also on
    the lookout for custom-made experiences. Content that does more than
    just endorse a product is what today's consumers want. The key is to
    find what works with your target audience and then roll out a
    consistent campaign that tells an authentic story – across numerous
    channels, connecting with people in real-time, regardless of their
    geographic location. This is one of the prevalent new trends in
    marketing that brands are using to build an emotional connect with
    their audience.
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    trends to take advantage of in 2018.

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