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Sorafenib is mainly used to treat inoperable advanced renal cell
carcinoma and inoperable or metastasized primary hepatocellular
carcinoma. Sorafenib was jointly developed by Bayer and ONYX. In 2006,
the drug was approved to be imported to China. In 2008, it entered China
after the liver cancer indication was approved by the CFDA.

According to the report, Sorafenib has been growing since it entered
China. In 2017, its sales value in China was about CNY 195 million.
Currently, Sorafenib legally sold in China are all Bayer's products.

Cancer incidence continues to rise in China because of aggravating
environmental pollution and changing lifestyle. Therefore, there will be
a great demand for Sorafenib. After several links of circulation,
Bayer's Sorafenib is so high-priced that many low-income patients cannot
afford it. Some patients choose to purchase Sorafenib produced by Indian
enterprises such as NATCO and smuggled to China because the price is
only 2%-3% of that of Bayer's Sorafenib. Some Chinese enterprises have
also started the development of generic drugs.

It is possible that China-made Sorafenib will appear on the market after

Topics Covered:

  • Sales of Sorafenib in China
  • Prices of Sorafenib in China
  • Sales of Sorafenib in China by region
  • Sales of India-made Sorafenib in China
  • Prospects of Chinese Sorafenib market

Key Topics Covered:

1 Basic Concepts of Sorafenib

1.1 Indications

1.2 Development History of Sorafenib in China

1.3 Registration Information of Sorafenib in China

2 Sales of Sorafenib in China, 2013-2017

2.1 Overall Sales of Sorafenib in China

2.1.1 Sales Value

2.1.2 Sales Volume

2.2 Sales of Sorafenib in China by Region

2.2.1 Sales Value by Region

2.2.2 Sales Volume by Region

2.3 Sales of Sorafenib by Dosage Form

3 Analysis of Major Sorafenib Manufacturers in China

3.1 Bayer

3.2 Indian Enterprises

3.3 Progress of China-made Generic Drugs

4 Prices of Sorafenib in China, 2017-2018

4.1 Bayer (Product Trade Name: NATCO)

4.2 Generic Drugs Smuggled from India

5 Prospects of Chinese Sorafenib Market, 2018-2022

5.1 Forecast on Market Size

5.2 Forecast on Competition Pattern

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