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Magnet Forensics Brings Intuitive Digital Evidence Review Platform to Its Product Portfolio with Acquisition of Tracks Inspector


Tracks Inspector is Now Part of Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing digital investigation
software for smartphone, cloud, and computer examinations, today
announces its acquisition of Tracks Inspector from Tracks Inspector
B.V., a software company based in The Hague, Netherlands.

With the acquisition of Tracks Inspector, Magnet Forensics adds a robust
review platform for non-technical stakeholders of an investigation to
its product portfolio. Tracks Inspector offers an intuitive, web-based
solution that puts digital investigations into the hands of detectives,
analysts, and case officers, enabling easy review of digital evidence
early in an investigation and allowing forensic specialists to conduct
targeted forensic analysis.

By providing multiple stakeholders access to digital evidence early in
the investigation, investigators are empowered to work the case in a
timely way, helping to solve more cases and resulting in decreased case
backlogs. In the coming months, Tracks Inspector will join the Magnet
Forensics portfolio under the new name Magnet REVIEW™.

"We hear the same challenges from agencies around the world," says Adam
Belsher, CEO, Magnet Forensics. "Digital evidence is now part of every
investigation and is growing exponentially, making it increasingly
difficult for agencies to manage. Budget constraints and a technical
skills shortage makes it unrealistic to hire forensic examiners to keep
pace with the volume of evidence. Agencies are looking for solutions
that allow them to better manage digital evidence across their
organization, involve a larger part of their workforce, and ultimately
eliminate their case backlogs and bring criminals to justice."

By adding Magnet REVIEW to the product portfolio, Magnet Forensics adds
an extremely valuable part of the investigative process, designed for
non-technical members of the police force.

"Today, digital forensics laboratories alone can no longer manage the
sheer volume of digital evidence in criminal cases," says Hans Henseler,
CEO and Co-Founder of Tracks Inspector B.V. "The backlog of caseloads
from law enforcement agencies has grown from weeks to months worldwide.
Tracks Inspector was built to help agencies decrease that backlog and
improve collaboration across the team. We are pleased to be joining the
Magnet Forensics team and look forward to continuing to deliver a common
review platform."

"We're incredibly excited to welcome Tracks Inspector to the Magnet
Forensics family," says Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO of Magnet Forensics.
"We have a shared vision of finding new ways to help law enforcement do
their job more efficiently and effectively. With the addition of Magnet
REVIEW, we look forward to helping police departments get through their
evidence faster and with greater collaboration."

Forensics teams benefit from Magnet REVIEW in several ways

  • Eliminating the risks associated with exchanging digital media (USB,
    hard drive, DVD) that may get lost or stolen
  • Enabling forensic examiners to focus on the more challenging tasks and
    leveraging their advanced expertise when needed
  • Allowing for real-time collaboration between investigators and
    forensic examiners to help solve cases faster
  • Saving time by eliminating the need to train investigators on multiple
    forensic tool formats
  • Providing the ability to load outputs from computer, mobile, and cloud
    forensics tools into a single platform eliminating the work of sharing
    multiple tool reports
  • Controlling what gets published for review by investigators
  • Reducing case turnaround times and improving service levels for
    investigative units

Investigative teams benefit from Magnet REVIEW in several ways

  • Getting evidence in the hands of an investigator quickly to start
    working the case and identifying leads
  • Providing a common and intuitive platform for reviewing evidence that
    eliminates the need to keep up with reports from various complex
    forensics tools
  • Allowing investigators to review multiple pieces of evidence at the
    same time from any location saving time and leveraging resources
    across the agency
  • Intuitively adding comments, tagging items, and sharing links while
    working together on a case to keep investigations moving
  • Improving collaboration between investigators and other stakeholders,
    reducing the time required to review the evidence
  • Eliminating the need for non-technical stakeholders to install
    software on their stations since they can use the web browser already
    installed on their computers

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