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The UNH InterOperability Lab Announces Appointment of New Director and Associate Director


The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL),
an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance
solutions for the networking industry, today announced the appointment
of Jeff Lapak to executive director of the UNH-IOL and Michayla Newcombe
to associate director effective July 2, 2018. Jeff will be responsible
for facilitating the lab's development in certification test programs,
creating strategic partnerships and leading the lab's strategic
direction across its many technology areas. Michayla's responsibilities
will expand to assisting in the general oversight of testing groups,
working with industry forums and standards bodies to further standards
development and providing day-to-day lab support for staff and student

"We are thrilled to have such talented, experienced and hardworking
individuals stepping into these management positions at the UNH-IOL,"
said Marc Sedam, associate vice provost of innovation and new ventures
at UNH and managing director of UNHInnovation (which oversees the
UNH-IOL). "The UNH-IOL plays an important role in the UNH community and
in the data communications industry, supporting and developing emerging
technology while providing students with unique opportunities to build
deep technical skills and experience. The UNH-IOL is an incredible
example of how UNH regularly helps businesses across the globe with
critical strategic decisions and information. Jeff and Michayla are both
committed to the UNH-IOL's mission and vision and the lab will continue
to grow and expand under their leadership."

Before this appointment, Jeff has held the positions of associate
director, industry lead, and senior manager at the UNH-IOL. As a leader,
he's helped oversee development for many physical layer testing
technologies such as 10, 25, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet. Jeff began
working at the UNH-IOL as a UNH electrical engineering undergraduate
student in 1998 and continued on to earn his MBA from UNH in 2013.

Michayla started her career at the UNH-IOL in 2012 as a DHCPv6 test
technician while she was an undergraduate at UNH. She graduated from UNH
in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and
continued to work full-time at the UNH-IOL as quality manager for
ISO-17025 accreditation. As the manager for the IP industry, Michayla
has recently helped drive the USGv6 and IPv6 Ready Logo Test Programs'
newest programs. With the lab's recent switch to Agile Methodologies,
Michayla leads several agile teams within the UNH-IOL including SDN, IOT
and INTACT tool development.

About the UNH-IOL
is dedicated to being the world's premier data networking resource.
Beginning in 1988, the UNH-IOL has built a multimillion dollar testbed
and developed testing solutions to help companies efficiently and cost
effectively deliver products to market. UNH-IOL's services fit the needs
of the market, while maintaining broad, comprehensive interoperability
and conformance testing of networking, data, telecommunications, and
storage products. The industry relies on UNH-IOL's extensive staff
experience, standards-bodies participation, 28,000+ square foot
facility, and 100+ students who represent the future interoperability
testing and verification.
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