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Antiviral Therapeutics Technologies, Markets and Companies Research Report 2018: Current State-of-Art of Antiviral Approaches Including Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals and Innovative Technologies -


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This report reviews the current state-of-art of antiviral approaches
including vaccines, pharmaceuticals and innovative technologies for
delivery of therapeutics. The introduction starts with a practical
classification of viral diseases according to their commercial
importance. Various antiviral approaches are described including
pharmaceuticals and molecular biological therapies such as gene therapy
and RNA interference (RNAi) as well as vaccines for virus infections.
Expert opinion is given about the current problems and needs in
antiviral therapy. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats) analysis of antiviral approaches is presented against the
background of concept of an ideal antiviral agent.

A novel feature of this report is the use of nanotechnology in virology
and its potential for antiviral therapeutics. Interaction of
nanoparticles with viruses are described. NanoViricides are polymeric
micelles, which act as nanomedicines to destroy viruses. Various methods
for local as well as systemic delivery of antiviral agents and vaccines
are described. Nanobiotechnology plays an important role in improving
delivery of antivirals. Advantages and limitations of delivery of
gene-based, antisense and RNAi antiviral therapeutics are discussed.

Markets for antivirals are considered according to viruses and diseases
caused by them and also according to management approaches: antiviral
drugs, vaccines, MAbs and innovative approaches that include
immunological and use of other technologies such as gene therapy,
antisense, RNAi and nanobiotechnology. Antiviral markets are estimated
starting with 2017 with projections up to the year 2027.

Profiles of 193 companies that are involved in developing various
technologies and products are profiled and with 174 collaborations.
These include major pharmaceutical companies (12), Biopharmaceutical
companies with antiviral products (85), Antiviral drug companies (26) as
well as viral vaccine companies (71). The report is supplemented with 53
tables, 15 figures and 550 references from the literature.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

1. Introduction to Virology

2. Antiviral Approaches

3. Vaccines for Virus Infections

4. Role of Nanotechnology in Developing Antiviral Agents

5. Delivery of Antivirals

6. Competitive Assessment of Antiviral Approaches

7. Influenza Viruses


9. Hepatitis Viruses

10. Miscellaneous Commercially Important Virus Infections

11. Viruses with High Impact but Low Commercial Significance

12. Markets for Antivirals

13. Companies

14. References

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