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Global Nitric Oxide Based Therapeutics, Markets and Companies Report 2018 (Updated) -


The "Nitric
Oxide - Therapeutics, Markets and Companies"
report from Jain
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This report describes the latest concepts of the role of nitric oxide
(NO) in health and disease as a basis for therapeutics and development
of new drugs. Major segments of the market for nitric oxide-based drugs
are described as well as the companies involved in developing them.

Important therapeutic areas for NO-based therapies are inflammatory
disorders, cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction, inflammation,
pain and neuroprotection. The first therapeutic use of NO was by
inhalation for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). NO-donors,
NO-mimics and NOS modulators are described and compared along with
developmental status. NO-related mechanisms of action in existing drugs
are identified.

Various pharmacological approaches are described along with their
therapeutic relevance. Various approaches are compared using SWOT
(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. NO-based
therapies are compared with conventional approaches and opportunities
for combination with modern biotechnology approaches are described.

Share of drugs where NO is involved in the mechanism of action is
analyzed in the worldwide pharmaceutical market for 2017 and is
projected to 2022 and 2027 as new drugs with NO-based mechanisms are
introduced into the market. Various strategies for developing such drugs
are discussed.

Several companies have a product or products involving NO and free
radicals. The report includes profiles of 35 companies involved in this
area of which 9 have a significant interest in NO-based therapeutics.
Other players are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as
suppliers of products for NO research. Unfulfilled needs in the
development of NO-based therapeutics are identified. Important 18
collaborations in this area are tabulated.

There are numerous publications relevant to NO. Selected 500 references
are included in the bibliography. The text is supplemented with 26
tables and 29 figures. It is concluded that the future prospects for
NO-based therapies are bright and fit in with biotechnology-based
approaches to modern drug discovery and development. It is anticipated
that some of these products will help in meeting the unfulfilled needs
in human therapeutics.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Nitric Oxide Pathways

3. Role of NO in Physiology

4. Role of NO in Diseases

5. Pharmacology of Nitric Oxide

6. Therapeutic Applications

7. Evaluation of NO-Based Drugs

8. Markets for NO-based Therapies

9. Companies

10. References

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