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Vestorly Adds Features to Emulate Marketers with Deep Learning


Intelligent Content Marketing Platform Learns to Harness Trait and
Behavioral Data to Predict and Deliver Targeted Experiences at Scale

Vestorly, an AI-powered content marketing platform, announced today the
launch of new AI-guided content curation features to emulate marketers
more effectively over time and increase engagement rates with consumers.

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Just some of the choices.... (Graphic: Business Wire)

Just some of the choices.... (Graphic: Business Wire)

"Vestorly can now find patterns among abstract concepts and attempt to
represent a given marketer in its content curation," said Vestorly CEO
Justin Wisz. "It operates like a marketing assistant, continually taking
into account the interests of the intended audience, but also personal
traits and objectives."

Through an interactive interface for users of all types, Vestorly
collects volunteered information from marketers about themselves and
their audience. This explicit input is combined with implicit data, like
location, devices, and demographics, and run against the depth of
Vestorly's real-time Web content search engine, which is powered by
several billion data points to already provide engaging content for

The AI platform dynamically curates content, giving every Vestorly user
a different repository of content in their dashboard. Each collection
grows more intelligent with every interaction across email, social
media, and websites. Users may also manually teach the content engine to
curate on their behalf by article, publication, topic, or individual

"We're increasing the likelihood that no two touchpoints are the same,
eventually allowing for unlimited one-to-one engagement experiences
between marketers and recipients that can't be replicated," said Ralph
Pahlmeyer, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. "It's exciting because
we're laying the foundations for deep-learning capabilities that can
reason like the marketer would, which goes far beyond simple content
prediction algorithms."

As Vestorly continues to expand into industries beyond financial
services, more applications of its data-enabled content curation
platform are emerging. "In order to engage people, businesses must think
like media companies now," said Wisz. "Vestorly enables them with
data-enabled technology to win back engagement during an era dominated
by a handful of media platforms."

The new emulation features are now live to all new users on the platform.

About Vestorly

Vestorly, Inc., was founded in 2012 to provide a deep-value cognitive
content marketing platform. As an AI-driven platform, Vestorly ensures
an end-user content experience that is continually fresh based on the
user's own preferences, delivering engagement rates 10x the industry
average. Vestorly provides its customers, which include Fortune 500
brands to small businesses, with a personalized and dynamic content
curation platform driven by artificial intelligence to reduce workflow
and increase one-to-one personalized engagement. For more information,

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