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Syncsort's IBM i Security Innovations Help Address Top Compliance Challenges, Including GDPR


New Capabilities in Syncsort's IBM i Security Products Provide
Unique Technology to Help Strengthen Password Security and Simplify

Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software, today
announced new additions to its Syncsort
family of products that can be used to help address
top-of-mind compliance challenges faced by IT leaders and highlighted in
its 2018
State of Resilience Report
. These new capabilities in Syncsort's IBM
i security products can help IT leaders streamline compliance with the
European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and
strengthen security with multi-factor authentication.

According to a recent report based on surveys of 5,632 IT professionals
about their data protection strategies and associated IT priorities, 52%
of IBM Power System users will focus security investments on compliance
auditing and reporting in 2018. Additionally, 28% of respondents said
they anticipate growing regulatory complexity as a security challenge in
the coming year. GDPR is a high priority requirement for any
organization that stores, processes or otherwise uses data relating to
European Union citizens. Enforcement went into effect in May 2018, with
stiff penalties for non-compliance.

"The trend to ensure organizations adequately protect personal data from
theft and misuse has driven increasingly strict data privacy regulations
like GDPR. This has fueled the rise of regulatory compliance to become a
top priority for most IT organizations," said David Hodgson, CPO,
Syncsort. "The new capabilities in our IBM i security products can be
used to help avoid building compliance models from scratch."

Simplifying GDPR Compliance

Syncsort's Cilasoft Compliance and Security Suite for IBM i and
Syncsort's Enforcive® Enterprise Security Suite provide unique tools
that can help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and
address security auditing and control policies. In response to the
current market challenges highlighted in the survey report, new releases
of both security suites deliver technology that can be used to help to
accelerate and maintain compliance with GDPR.

Strengthening Password Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is required in many compliance regulations
such as PCI-DSS 3.2, NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation, Swift Alliance
Access and HIPAA. Multi-factor authentication strengthens login security
by requiring more than a password or passphrase, and only granting
access after two or more authentication factors have been verified. To
help organizations fulfill regulatory requirements and improve the
security of their IBM i system and applications, Syncsort has delivered
the new, RSA-certified Cilasoft Reinforced Authentication Manager for
IBM i (RAMi). RAMi's rules engine facilitates the set-up of multi-factor
authentication screens for users or situations that require it, based on
specific criteria. RAMi's authentication features also enable
self-service user profile re-enablement and password changes and support
the "four eyes principle" of supervised changes to sensitive data.

The new innovations in the Syncsort Assure portfolio products follow the
recent acquisition of IBM
i data privacy products from Townsend Security
. The Alliance
Encryption and Security Suite can be used to address protection of
sensitive information and compliance with multi-factor authentication,
encryption, tokenization, secure file transfer and system log collection.

Learn more about the new capabilities that help facilitate compliance at
our upcoming webcast, "Increase
IBM i Security & Accelerate Compliance with New Syncsort Security
" on August 14, 2018.

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