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Cintas Fact Check: Restroom Hand Dryers Are Not Best Practice


Restroom hand hygiene – a practice still up for debate – continues to be
thrust into the spotlight after a study from the University of
Connecticut found hand dryers blow fecal material onto users freshly
washed hands.1 While shocking, yet not surprising, Cintas
(NASDAQ:CTAS) has always emphasized that disposable
paper towels are the most hygienic option for public restroom users.

"Handwashing best practices are a critical component in limiting the
spread of pathogens," said Jillian Bauer, Marketing Manager, Cintas.
"This study is further evidence that individuals should choose paper
towels when drying hands to stave off bacteria and limit the spread of

Before drying your hands, here are five essential hand dryer facts:

  • FACT: Hand dryers take 300 percent longer.
    Swift drying is
    essential to limiting the spread of pathogens. Studies show that paper
    towels take 10 seconds to dry hands versus 40 seconds for hand dryers.2
  • FACT: Hand dryers increase the spread of pathogens.
    shows hand dryers increase pathogen aerosolization, spreading more
    bacteria onto hand surfaces than paper towels.3
  • FACT: Hand dryers contaminate entire restrooms.
    dryers launch bacteria over six feet from their source.4
    Paper towels do not.
  • FACT: Hand dryers are too loud.
    Hand dryers can be
    dangerous for users' ears as they rival the noise output of a
    close-range pneumatic drill.5
  • FACT: Hand dryers are less desirable.
    A recent Harris Poll
    found that 69 percent of American's prefer paper towels over hand
    dryers. Seventy percent agreed paper towels were more effective.6

"Data continues to show us that consumers favor paper towels," added
Bauer. "Cintas believes it is essential to understand the facts when
making daily choices that affect your health. We are confident that
paper towels are the best option."

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