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Survey Shows Workers Use Average of 6.3 File Silos; 78% Say Finding Files is "a Pain"


Workers today use an average of 6.3 "file silos" – email apps, network
drives, cloud storage, and hosted collaboration suites where documents
are stored – and more than 76 percent say finding their files is "a
pain." The survey, conducted by enterprise file search software startup Cloudtenna,
addressed modern work habits around the use of repositories by employees
from a range of enterprises such as media, education, retail, and
professional services.

OneDrive and Google Drive were the most popular cloud file storage
services, used by 53 percent each, with Dropbox used by 45 percent, and
then Box by 32 percent.

Email applications are used as an ersatz file repository, with 74
percent of respondents using Outlook; Gmail is the next most used at 40

Among enterprise collaboration and sharing tools, Slack is currently the
most used, with 22 percent of respondents using it in their workplace.
Salesforce (18 percent), Jira (17 percent), and Confluence (16 percent)
were named comparatively evenly.

Only 38 percent of workers said they rely on network drives and servers
for files, though 12 percent said their files are spread fairly equally
across all repositories without relying on one more than another.

With so many file silos in use, it is not surprising that more than 15
percent of workers say finding files is "frequently a pain," and 63
percent "sometimes a pain." The other 21 percent reported their files
are well organized and finding a file is "never a pain."

"We were surprised by some of these results, and surprised to see the
proliferations of silos these workers use regularly," said Peter
O'Brien, Cloudtenna vice president of business development. "We see the
struggle to organize and find files in a modern enterprise, and we think
IT managers with responsibility for data management and security in
their organizations might be a bit worried by some of these results."

Cloudtenna's DirectSearch™, now in beta, works universally across
on-premise repositories, cloud file storage services, and hosted/online
applications. The search-once-and-done tool can find files by name,
sender, date, file type, keyword, content, and other attributes
regardless of where it is stored. DirectSearch uses machine learning
intelligence, natural language processing, and automation to deliver
relevant results and rankings fast – in 400-600 milliseconds.

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Cloudtenna was founded to bring order to file chaos with a suite of
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