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India Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Market Outlook to 2023 -


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Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Market Outlook, 2023"
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This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the mayonnaise and salad
dressing industry in India.

Owing to benefits such as easy availability of sauces, increased demand
due to travelling abroad, increased consumption in social gatherings,
demand for mayonnaise and salad dressing is growing gradually. Plus
improvements in conditions and distribution channel development in rural
areas, has all created opportunities for expansion of the mayonnaise and
Salad dressing market.

India Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing
Market had market value of around INR 100 crore in the year 2011-2012.
The market is made up of mayonnaise & Salad Dressing with its different
types of products. Both are analysed on the basis of organised market
and unorganised market besides its end-users like retail and
institutional. Companies operating in the mayonnaise and salad dressing
market include: Dr. Oetker, Cremica, Fielfresh, Veeba Foods Bajoria Food
etc. In both the markets, organised market has dominance over
unorganised market due to quality and taste.

Southwest salad dressing and ranch salad dressing both have shown the
highest CAGR among all the salad dressings in the year 2011-2012 to
2016-2017. In the matter of mayonnaise, garlic and mint mayonnaise
together have market share around 8% in the year 2016-2017. Mint
mayonnaise and other mayonnaise are predicted to have highest growth
rate during forecast period.

Companies Featured

  • Dr. Oetker India Pvt Ltd
  • Cremica Food Industries Limited
  • Fieldfresh Foods Pvt Ltd
  • Veeba Food Services Private Limited
  • Bajoria Foods Pvt. Ltd
  • Heinz India Private Limited
  • Scandic Food India Private Limited (SIL)

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

India Table Sauces Market Outlook

3. India Mayonnaise & Salad
Dressing Market Outlook

4. India Mayonnaise Market Outlook

India Salad Dressing Market Outlook

6. India Economic Snapshot

Policy & Regulatory Landscape

8. PEST Analysis

Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Market Trade Dynamics

Channel Partner Analysis

11. Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing
Market Dynamics

12. Market Trends & Developments

Competitive Landscape

14. Strategic Recommendations

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