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Middle East & Africa Online Payment Methods 2018: Full Year Review for 2017 - Lack of Trust Hampers Online Payment Adoption in the Middle East & Africa -


The "Middle
East and Africa Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2017"
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This report synthesizes data and trends in online and mobile payment in
over 10 economies of the region. One finding is that adoption of online
payment methods lags other global regions.

On the global average, credit cards and electronic wallets like PayPal
and Alipay are the leading payment methods used by online shoppers,
according to the findings in the report. However, in most countries in
the Middle East and selected African markets, cash on delivery prevails
as the favorite payment method used in E-Commerce. In addition to lower
penetration of formal financial services than in regions such as North
America and Europe, another factor that hinders a wider adoption of
online payment methods is lack of trust in their security.

double-digit percentage share of respondents in the Middle Eastern
countries stated not being comfortable making payments online, a recent
survey cited in the report shows. As a result, a major share of online
shoppers in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon
prefer cash over all other payment methods in E-Commerce. Consumers in
Israel perceive lack of payment security as one of the disadvantages of
buying online and shoppers in the UAE believe that store-based retailers
are more likely to use payment security tools for fraud prevention than
their online rivals.

Among African markets, the payment
method preference is more diverse. Online shoppers in South Africa pay
more by credit and debit card than by other means, although non-online
shoppers name lack of trust in online payments as the second most
important barrier to digital purchase.

Egypt's consumers choose cash on delivery over credit card when placing
orders on the Internet, as do online shoppers in Kenya. However, the
latter market also demonstrates rapid adoption of mobile payment
solutions, with M-Pesa becoming the second most popular payment method
in E-Commerce.

Overall, mobile payment user penetration is on the rise among Internet
users in the Middle East & Africa, having gained several percentage
points between 2015 and 2017, according to a survey cited in the report.

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  • M-PESA Holding Company Ltd
  • Paypal Inc

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