Market Overview

Digital Solutions for Healthcare's Major Cost Drivers to be Presented July 31


Kiio, Livongo, Mercer and Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts speak
candidly about how digital therapeutics are positively impacting health
while averting lost productivity, disability, unnecessary medical costs
and even opioid addiction

Chronic conditions such as low back pain and diabetes are major drivers
of medical and employment costs for employers and health plans. More and
more, results from digital therapeutics demonstrate that this new
approach offers a proven, effective, more convenient, and less expensive
way to manage and treat these conditions.

Outcomes and successful models for implementing digital solutions will
be presented in a panel presentation, "Leverage
Digital Therapeutics to Bend the Curve on Key Cost Drivers,"
Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 8:40 AM EDT across three co-hosted conferences
of the 3rd
Annual National Employee Health & Well Being Summit

"Low back pain impacts one out of every three adults in America, is the
number one cause of opioid prescriptions, and is a leading driver of
medical spend, worker's compensation, disability, and lost
productivity," said panelist David
, founder and CEO of Kiio,
a leader in delivering evidence-based, individualized digital solutions.
"Employers bear the brunt of the economic burden, and we all pay for
reduced quality of life as well as the incalculable societal cost of
opioid addiction. Our partners are seeing dramatic results in reduced
use of opioids and aggressive, high-cost medical services … and their
employees and members are benefiting from convenient, 24/7
individualized care and a significant reduction in pain."

Kiio's evidence-based, AI-driven solution stratifies and engages
individuals suffering from back pain with exercise, education, digital
coaching, and lifestyle changes that relieve pain and improve
productivity. Results from Kiio's program include a 50% reduction in
pain, a 78% decrease in filled opioid prescriptions, and a 55% reduction
in direct medical spend.

Health plans and employers bear the costs associated with aggressive
approaches to treating back pain. These include potentially
inappropriate diagnostics and treatments such as opioids and unnecessary
imaging or surgery, which fail to alleviate pain or even cause symptoms
to worsen. For every 100,000 adult health plan members, low back pain
treatment typically results in $40 million in medical and prescription
costs. For employers, indirect annual low back pain costs for every
10,000 employees can total $6 million in workers' comp, long-term
disability, short-term disability, lost productivity and absenteeism.
Digital therapeutics scale easily, providing an effective solution for
both small and large health plans and employers.

Michael Quist, CEO of WEA Trust Insurance, says, "We are committed to
implementing high-quality, innovative solutions that improve member
health while effectively controlling costs for our employer groups. We
have partnered with both Kiio and Livongo and have seen significant
improvement in the health status and quality of life of our members who
have participated in both of these programs. With Kiio, our members are
reducing their pain, actively engaged in improving their health, and
often avoiding unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments and
medications, including opioids."

In addition to providing concrete information on digital therapeutics,
panelists will also discuss consumer engagement and best practices in
direct contracting for these services. To register, click here.

About Kiio

Kiio, a pioneer in digital therapeutics, is focused on changing the
paradigm for musculoskeletal care. Evidence-based, personalized, and
consumer-centric, Kiio for Low Back Pain significantly reduces pain,
opioid use, and medical costs, leading to improved quality of life for
the individual and improved productivity and cost savings for the
employer. Kiio works with both employers and health insurance companies,
providing a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution tailored to the
needs of its partners.

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