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Edgewater Health Selects TenEleven as Their EHR Partner across Behavioral Health, Primary Care, and Medication Assisted Treatment


Edgewater Health seeks to provide care for the whole person to the
clients they serve in Gary and Northwest Indiana. After struggling with
multiple EHR systems that didn't fully meet their needs and couldn't
communicate across programs, they knew it was time for a change.
Edgewater selected TenEleven Group's electronic
Clinical Record (eCR™)
as their EHR because it's able to work with
all three of their programs – behavioral
, primary care, and medication

"We have long wanted to have a system that would do everything we needed
– just one platform for our three major service areas; behavioral health
care, primary care and medication assisted treatment. There's only a few
systems that meet this need, so that's why it was one of the first
things that attracted me to TenEleven," said Danita Johnson Hughes,
President and CEO of Edgewater Health.

With their behavioral health, primary care, and medication dispensing
programs, Edgewater Health offers a wide variety of services to the
adults and children in their community. Their provided services generate
a large amount of data and a multitude of state reporting requirements.
When vetting EHR systems, Hughes was drawn to TenEleven because of their expansive
reporting capabilities
and their error-preventing functionality.

"With Value-Based Payments gaining so much traction in behavioral
health, data collection and reporting is more important than ever.
TenEleven makes it easy to pull data out of eCR™ and run reports on it,"
said Alex Alexander, CEO of TenEleven Group. "Edgewater Health has an
important responsibility to their community, and TenEleven will help
them continue to meet that responsibility while taking every opportunity
for improvement."

Hughes also spoke about her anticipated transition to value based
payments, "I have been hesitant to negotiate value based contracts with
payers, because I haven't had the data packages I need to show the great
outcomes I know we achieve," Hughes said. "With TenEleven, I will have
the information I need to be able to do that."

About Edgewater Health

Edgewater Health's mission is to provide comprehensive physical and
healthcare services for individuals and their families in
northwest Indiana. Culturally competent care specifically developed for
each patient will help achieve goals and improve outcomes. In improving
the lives of individuals, Edgewater Health hopes to create a ripple
effect that will contribute to the quality of life and overall health of
their entire community. Learn more about Edgewater Health at

About TenEleven Group

The TenEleven Group is a software and services company based in Buffalo,
NY that provides software solutions for health and human services
agencies. Thousands of users in hundreds of offices use electronic
Clinical Record (eCR™)
to manage a variety of behavioral health
service types. Learn more about TenEleven including the Treatment
Wizard® for Trauma Informed Care

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